2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report - Weeks 3 & 4 2012

I didn't post a stash report last week because I didn't really have much to share. This week, I added a little fabric, but I also have a finished top! Over the past two weeks, I used fabric by cutting out a few scrap bags for pet beds, and by adding two border to a quilt top. I had to buy the 2nd border - this quilt is for a guy friend of mine and all the possibilities I had were too floral to work well for him. I wound up finding a stripe on the sale rack last weekend and got the top finished this weekend. The pattern is called Rough Around the Edges and is from the 2011 Perfect for Pre-cuts magazine (borrowed from my mom). 

Fabric added last two weeks: 2 3/4 yards
Fabric used last two weeks: 3 3/4 yards

Fabric added year to date: 8 1/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 5 3/4 yards

Net fabric used (added): (2 3/8 yards)

I will make up for my additions as soon as I make the back for this quilt! I also have a few projects on my to-do list for February that will use some stash, so hopefully by the end of next month, I will be in the positive! 

I am doing great on my pattern usage so far though -- 3 used and none added yet this year. At least something's going in the right direction! 

Friday, January 27, 2012

First Man in the Forest

I just finished the first snowman block that will go in the "forest" I showed earlier this week. I think he's pretty darn cute and now I am really looking forward to making him a friend (or two) in February!

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Little Forest

I had a couple small finishes last night, so I was thinking about what to show today when it dawned on me that I haven't shown you the blocks that I have gotten from my bee-mates over the past few months. 

In my bee, each member hosts the group at her house one month per year (we meet twice each month). When it is your month to host, the other bee members make you a block of your choosing. Technically, you're supposed to make a sample block to show what you want, but we've really gotten away from that in the last few years. If you do make a sample block, then you wind up with 12 blocks (yours + 11 from the other bee members). 

When I hosted last fall, I didn't have a specific quilt in mind to work on and I really didn't want to start another UFO, but I knew that I did need to work on the quilt for my college roommate and her husband. I don't have a full plan for that yet, but it will be a snowman quilt and I plan to put trees between the snowmen, so I asked the bee to make me trees. I asked them to make blocks that 1)really look like trees, 2) have a blue background, and 3) are 6", 9", or 12" finished. I have gotten most of the blocks in and thought you'd all enjoy a picture of them. 
In November, our hostess asked us to do the same for her, so I got to try my hand at making one of my own tree blocks. I got this put together last night and it was really easy. I may have to make a few more for the quilt I am making.  
Next up is starting to make the snowmen. I have the pattern for this month picked out and I plan to work on it tonight. I am really looking forward to having this quilt come together - it should be fun to see what happens since I have only a very loose plan! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stash Report - Week 2 2012

I did a little better this week than I did to kick off the year last week. First off on my list was to get some quilting done. I've had 4 quilts in the queue for a while now and had to get moving on them. First up was the memory quilt I am making with my friend Michele from her mom's old sweatshirts. I got it loaded with a very thin batting, but was still a little apprehensive about how the needle would like going through those thick layers. It turned out fine - I had a few skipped stitches near the end, but I think that had more to do with the age of the needle than with the layers. I took it to work day on Monday and got the binding attached as well, so now just need to sew it down and add the label. 

Next up was work day - Jack joined me and we were the first ones there (and the only ones for almost an hour!). Jack set to work getting his things set up while I got mine set up. 
After I got the binding on the quilt above, I set to put my blocks into a finished top for the quilt I am making for my friend who was deployed last year. It worked to my advantage that I had labelled the blocks well when I took them off the design wall, and they went together quickly. This was such an easy quilt to put together and I love the look of it. I just need to add the borders now. It is sitting on my cutting table just waiting for my attention. 
I also got the back cut for a top I finished a while ago and started on some clothes for Jenna's dolls. After I got home that night, I loaded up my mom's third Girl Scout quilt and got to work. I quilted it over two nights and got it back to her mid week. I think this is the last GS quilt that I will be quilting. 

Overall, it was a great week including a guild meeting and some late night sewing last night. I used a little stash in the process and moved along 5 projects. Here's my report for the week: 

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 1 7/8 yards

Fabric added year to date: 5 3/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 2 yards

Net fabric used: (3 7/8 yards) 
Here's hoping I get back into the black by month end!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

It has taken me a while to get my goals for this year documented, because I have been waffling quite a bit. The past two years have been filled with UFOs for me - mine & Lois' - and, while I enjoy finishing a project any day, I am ready to move on from UFOs, at least a little. So, without further ado, here's what I am setting out to achieve this year: 

1. Balance starting new projects with completing UFOs by keeping my running list of UFOs steady at 15 or less. The only UFO I feel like I must finish this year is the cross stitch stocking for my nephew, as he is already 3! I am not going to join in with Judy's UFO challenge this year because I just wasn't feeling it. Instead, I plan to keep my UFO list from growing by setting this ceiling (let's see how that works!). 
2. Make another charity quilt with Lois' scraps. I really enjoyed this last year, and there are so many precut scraps that I can easily use them with a Bonnie Hunter pattern. 
3. Continue stashbusting and pattern tracking. I am going to give myself a bit of a break this year and not try to report every single week, especially if there is no change. Rather, I will report when I have something worthwhile to share. 
4. Make real progress on Steve and Michelle's quilt this year by making snowman blocks each month. I went through my mom's snowman patterns the other night and grabbed more than enough to be able to build my own block of the month. 
5. Quilt about 20 quilts on the Avante, and stretch myself on at least 2 of them (that means no allover/panto, but custom quilting). 
6. This one's the biggie for me, at least mentally. Move from my current sewing room to the basement and get settled into my new space. It is time for Jenna to have her own room, so I will be working toward packing much of the current stuff (read junk) in our storage rooms and moving my quilting paraphernalia down there. I am not sure how I will set it all up yet, or how it will work, but it will be the biggest change by far this year. 
7. Have some fun with my bee's PIG (Project in a Grocery Sack) challenge and work on 4 projects that have been in the queue for a while. We will run this challenge as we did our UFO challenge last year and will draw a number each quarter and work on that project. My projects are shown in the picture below and are: 

  1. Rolling Stones (top left from a magazine w/fabrics selected sometime in 2009)
  2. Sunflower from Sisters (kit on the top right, purchased in 2008)
  3. French Braid from Shipshewana (Oriental jelly roll + kit, bought in Sept 2010)
  4. Wonky Trees (a shop-made layer cake that I bought at the 2009 quilt show!)

I will keep the goals in my sidebar and will update them throughout the year. Hope you have plans for a fabulous year ahead too! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stash Report - Week 1 2012

I am pretty sure that you're not supposed to start your year this way....but I had an opportunity I couldn't pass up. My mom works for Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals, and a few weeks ago, Terri gave my mom a big bag of fabric that she didn't want any more. After I put together several bundles for guild door prizes, my mom let me go through the bag and pull out anything I wanted. I had a good time. This is what I wound up with.
The same night, I popped open a little kit to make a Minkee bear, so I used a smidge of fabric with that, but it isn't done yet, so I don't have a picture to post yet. I hope to finish it up this week, and then can show a picture next week. 

I do have a couple pictures from shopping over the last few weeks. I hit a couple shops over the holidays and picked up a few things. Here are the purchases. The first is a few notions from Back Door Quilts, and the second is a pattern and a couple cool fabrics from Crimson Tate
I also was the lucky winner of a blog giveaway in December from Susan Brubaker Knapp. I have followed her blog for a while and am amazed by her awesome work. This is the bag I won.
Here's the official reports for this week: 

Fabric added this week: 5 3/8 yards
Fabric used this week: 1/8 yard

Net fabric used (added): (5 1/4 yards)

The good news is that I have a back to make this week, so that should point me back in the right direction! Hope you had a great week with your stash!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Accomplishments and some pictures

Last month was a great one for me - not only did I get to enjoy the holiday, but I also had a week off with the kids, three sewing days, and lots of energy to finish up projects - most of them before the last minute! Here's what I got done in my 37.75 hours of December sewing (which I believe is a record month for a non-retreat month). 

- Cut 12 bags for the local shelter. Our bee sewed them into bags and they were delivered to the shelter in mid-December, full of items for a new arrival. 
- Made back for, loaded, and quilted the comfort quilt for our bee mate Barbara. It was gifted to her at the annual bee holiday luncheon. ...And just realized I don't have a picture of it!
- Made Curvalishish binding, sewed one side by machine, and hand stitched three sides. 
- Made 1 pet scrap bed.
- Made show block for my mom and president's block for our guild's 2011 president. 
- Finished 4 tea towels (but only took a picture of 2, I guess!) and one on-the-go organizer for neighbor and teacher gifts.

- Loaded and quilted Lois' Indian Pottery wall hanging
- Fabric book for our neighbor Evan. 
- Put together the quilt top and back for my friend Michele's memory quilt. 
- Loaded and quilted a baby quilt for Terri D. 
- Made a pillowcase for Lois' Oriental Stars, and handed over that quilt and several others to her family. 
- Finished Great Mom cross stitch (and it is going to be a real toss-up whether I hang this in the kitchen or the bathroom!)
- Wonky Stars top
- Made stretching cat cross-stitch into a pillow/wall hanging for Jenna's new room. 
- Had a friend over and taught her how to quilt on my HQ and watched her complete her first machine quilted top. 
- Finished all the blocks for my QOV quilt. 
Wow, what a great month! It hardly seems like some of the things done early were in the same month. I have several quilts in the queue to quilt this month and a few projects that I want to keep making progress on, so I hope that January is a good month too, although with returning to work, I am sure it won't be quite as productive as December! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Goal Review

For the last few years, I have posted quilting goals and I find them really helpful in keeping me on track with what I really want to accomplish. I think I did pretty well for 2011, and am looking forward to 2012. Here's the review of my 2011 goals. Later in the week, I will share my 2012 goals as they are still ruminating a bit.

2011 Goals: 
1. UFO Reduction - My goal was to reduce my list by at least 8 projects and I started with 21 projects. I ended the year with 14 UFOs so fell short by 2, but am really pleased with all I got done on the UFO front this year. I enjoyed participating in Judy Laquidara's and my bee's UFO challenges and I finished 8 of the Judy L. challenge items, and all 4 of the bee challenge items (although I did put the final stitches of the last one in the quilt tonight - I am counting it as done for this report!). 
2. Make a charity quilt - I really enjoyed using precut fabric for leader/enders and this quilt moved along really quickly. It is finished and in my sewing room awaiting a label so that I can donate it. 
3. Continue stashbusting and add pattern usage to my weekly reports -- Done, you can see my year-end report on both here
4. Work on Steve & Michelle's quilt - I asked the bee to make tree blocks for this quilt and I also did some work in EQ to figure out this one. Not as much as I'd like to have accomplished, so you will see this in my 2012 goals too!
5. Quilt 20 items on the HQ - not only did I hit this goal, but I also upgraded to a new machine. On both machines, I quilted 24 items this year. 
6. Make a QOV - this quilt has a specific recipient, and I am making good progress. All the blocks are ready to be put into a top and I plan to do that at my bee workday next Monday.
7. Make three projects from existing patterns or kits - Done - I completed my snap sack wall hanging, one hour baby blanket, and the top for the wonky trees
8. Finish at least four cross-stitch projects - Done - I finished 6 and made good progress on the biggie - the stocking for my nephew. I had to make a conscious effort to split my time between sewing and stitching to get this one finished and I am glad I did.  

Stash Report - Week 52

I didn't get online yesterday to post my stash report because I was feeling a little under the weather after our big new year's eve party (yeah, that would be the one at my house with my husband and parents playing Wii into the wee hours - crazy, aren't we?), but I did want to finish out the year. 

I used a little fabric last week - first was test fabric for a friend who came over and used the HQ, and then I put the back together for the memory quilt I made with my friend Michele a few weeks ago. It is even loaded on the frame now and just waiting for me. I should be able to get to it a little this week. 

I also did a little shopping - stopped by a new shop downtown called Crimson Tate. I picked up a couple FQs and a pattern. All in all, I am happy with where I ended the year on both my stash usage and my pattern usage. I have a lot of projects in the queue that I want to work on this year, and I think I will continue to track both my stash and my patterns so that I can monitor how I am doing on both. 

Fabric added this week: 1/2 yard
Fabric used this week: 5 yards

Fabric added full year 2011: 48 5/8 yards
Fabric used full year 2011: 126 3/8 yards

Net fabric used in 2011: 77 3/4 yards

My numbers last year were very close to those this year -- 44 5/8 added and 137 1/2 used, so my new was 92 7/8 yards - I guess I am pretty consistent! 

Patterns wound up at -2 for the year -- I bought 17 and used 15 this year. Not too bad. 

Hope you had a great year with your stash and look forward to another one!