2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Playing with our "new" toys

I had a chance this afternoon to set up the remainder of the HQ16, so it was ready to go tonight. While both kids napped, my mom and I watched the instructional video, then I attempted to load a panel tonight and realized that I didn't remember a thing from watching the video 4 hours earlier! It took a while, but I eventually got the machine threaded, needle changed, quilt loaded, and got down to business. Wow, can I just say huge learning curve? I thought that it seemed really easy when I tested the machine (and felt the same when testing others on muslin), but on an actual panel, it is much, much harder! So, lots and lots of practice is in my future....and a lot more panels!

Here's a picture of my "new" toy.

And here's a close up part of the panel that I worked on tonight...it is a little under halfway complete. You can see I have lots of room to improve! If the panel looks familiar, that is because this is the second one I've done. The first was when I was testing my new free motion quilting skills.

Finally, although I don't have a picture to post, I must comment on the fun that Jenna has been having for the last 24 hours too. In my work to clean out a part of our basement storage room last night, she discovered the strawberry case which housed all my childhood Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They were much loved by me, and I saved them for the hope of passing them on to a daughter someday. It turns out that someday was yesterday. Jenna has played with them just about non-stop since then and it is so neat to see her having such a good time. I will try to capture a picture of that tomorrow, as I am sure the first question out of her mouth in the morning will be "Mommy, can I play with your Strawberry Shortcake dolls today?"
Ah, the joy of new toys!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She's Here...

I went today with Mike to pick up my new machine in Bloomington. She is gently used HQ16 and so far, she seems right at home in my basement. The kids have both displayed some interest, but Mike shooed them away, and I produced some recycled Strawberry Shortcake toys from my childhood for Jenna to play with so she could now care less that mommy has a new toy. It is about 2/3 of the way together and I am too tired to take pictures tonight, but I will post some before the weekend is out, hopefully with a panel on it! I can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pending Purchase

I have just commited to buy another piece of hardware to support my quilting habit/addiction....and this is a big one! I am set up to purchase a used Handiquilter 16 next week! I am nervous and excited at the same time. Pictures to come when I get it home and set up...needless to say, Mike will be losing a sizable chunk of the basement to my new machine.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

October Progress

I am running late on the report of monthly progress. It has been a draining week both at work and at home. On an up note, Mike and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 4th and enjoyed a lovely dinner together at a great place we hadn't eaten before, Eddie Merlot's. Beyond that, I won't provide details except to say that Wed. night through Fri. afternoon were challenging to say the least.

On a brighter note, I had a pretty good month in my sewing room in October. I totalled 18.5 hours of sewing, lower than I would like, but now that good TV is on, I have been spending more time watching TV in the family room than jamming to Pandora in my sewing room! During the month, I completed the following:

- 2 headbands, one for Jenna and one for her friend Lauren's 4th birthday.
- 2 blocks for my bee - one for Lois and one for Kathy
- 2 Pinwheel blocks for the Quilters in Indiana lottery

- Went on a shop hop to Louisville with my bee

I also spent quite a bit of time working my quilting skills and learning a lot about adjusting tension and getting different threads to work together. I did discover 30 wt. Blendable Sulky thread and am loving the result in my quilting...more to come over the next few weeks.

I don't have lots of goals for the month of November. I would like to get the few Christmas gifts that I am planning to make completed, or at least well on their way. I also want to continue to make progress on my current UFO and my other free motion quilting projects. Beyond that, I will be spending time studying human resources information to prepare for taking a certification exam in early December.

I will also be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the first snow and Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays and the best meal of the year, especially the canned cranberry sauce that looks just like the can! Can't wait for it!