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Monday, December 31, 2018

12 Things in 2019

Good morning and hope you are enjoying the last day of 2018, or the first few days of 2019 depending on when you're reading this.  I am not going to do my 2018 wrap-up posts yet, as I am hoping to get some sewing in today and maybe get in another partial finish. 

Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times is hosting a monthly link-up that I am going to join this year.  It is "12 Things in 2019" and you pick 12 things that you want to get done in the year and (in theory) work on one per month. Some months you might get two done and other months, you might just make progress on (but not finish) one, but the goal is to do them all within the year.  They can be craft projects or other projects, so I have a bit of a mix.  Here are my 12 Things for 2019: 

  1. Print vacation pictures and frame in the multi-photo frames that are sitting on the floor of my bedroom. 
  2. Stitch the last month (that I have) for "Year in Chalk" and fully finish them to display. 
  3. Make a baby quilt for my Aunt to gift - the baby was born earlier this month, so this will be something to get going on sooner rather than later
  4. Make a t-shirt quilt for my work colleague - she brought me all the t-shirts a few weeks ago but they are still in the bag
  5. Finish stitching Snowbelles - two sections left to go! 
  6. Finish the 2018 Scrap Challenge quilt - I need to make a few more blocks, then look forward to putting it all together
  7. Complete an embroidery project - I have a whole bin of projects, some with wool and some cotton, it's high time I pull one out to work on
  8. Quilt and bind Santorini Houses - I know how I want to quilt this (and have for at least two years), but I am chicken to mess it up - I just need to get going and do it!
  9. Start a new cross stitch "series" (after I finish Snowbelles) - I have three full series that I just need to get linen and threads for - Lizzie Kate A Year of Flip-Its, Country Cottage Needlework Snow Place Like Home, and Swarovski Reindeer
  10. Crochet something bigger than a hat - I've made several hats and one mini-cape. It's time to use some of my stash yarn and make something from my ravelry list
  11. Get new floors in the kitchen/entry/family room (by April) - this has been on the list since October and I need to make the time to do the research and shopping so I can get them installed before I host my bunco group in April
  12. Read 10 books - I love to read and have spent much of the last few years on long books so I don't get through many - I am going to focus on shorter (~300 page) books so that I can get through more - I have a long list at the library that I want to read
That should be enough to keep me busy - I will probably mix some of this up with a UFO list for 2019, as I still enjoy picking a monthly UFO to work on (even if I only get a few of them done). I will also have some overarching goals. Between all of them, I should be able to make some progress! 

Linking up with Judy here. 

Thursday, December 20, 2018

November 2018 Recap

Here we are almost to Christmas and I am catching up again! I ordered a new laptop earlier this week because the current one is old and slow and I procrastinate writing up posts because they take a lot longer than I think they should - let's hope the new computer helps in the new year! 

November was a very busy month for me. I traveled to New York City, Baltimore, and Evansville, IN - three weekends in a row! The trips were all good, but between them and a very busy month at work, I didn't get much sewing or stitching done...well except for the weekend in Baltimore. 

First up, New York - went for a conference - in and out in 3 days, but I got in a few good meals and a Broadway show - Head Over Heels - based on the Go-Go's music.  The show was great fun and the conference was the best I've been to in over 15 years. Lots of good strategic and practical learning. 

The next weekend, I went to Baltimore to meet my friend Beth who moved to Orlando a couple years ago. We really enjoy the chance to have a girl's weekend together! 
We got to help take down the flag at Fort McHenry
We did some sightseeing, ate some incredible meals, enjoyed Orange Crushes, the local drink of choice, and spent a good amount of time stitching. It is great to be able to sit and stitch for hours with no other obligations! 
Always good to spend time together!
During that trip, I had my one finish of the month, a Mill Hill ornament kit that will be finished this month (fingers crossed!) and on its way to a new home. 
All stitched and beaded - ready to become an ornament

Thanksgiving Dinner with my Mom and Dad
Then, for Thanksgiving, we had a nice dinner at my parents house and then loaded the car to head to Evansville the next morning to celebrate my cousin's baby's first birthday. It was great to spend time with family and to celebrate this cute little girl.
Feeding the birthday girl - she is very serious when she eats!

While on the way there, I finished a crochet project that will be part of her Christmas present - I started this almost a year ago, got about 2/3 of the way done, then decided it was too top heavy and ripped it all out. On the second try, I only made a curlicue every other row and it worked out much better! This hat is the Delaney Hat from Danyel Pink Designs
Delaney Hat - finished on the road (I wasn't driving!)
I have to take a quick detour from my month to brag on my daughter. She decided in mid-October that she'd like to stitch up a chart she's had for a long time to give to Brenna for her birthday. She worked tirelesssly over three weeks (and was very happy to have a snow day) and got it finished with 3 or 4 days to spare! She laced and framed it herself using a YouTube video. I don't think she's stitched again since she finished it, but I am so proud of her for doing such a good job and getting it done in time! 
Jenna with her present to Brenna
On the quilting side, I only had 4 sewing days in the month! I think that's the lowest in a long time. I did get two quilts quilted (one had been started in October) - I'll show pictures of the second one after it is gifted for Christmas. I also did a little ornament finishing, but didn't get all the way done so will show that in my December wrap-up, as I need to get it done to get it gifted! 
One of the two quilted tops from November - this one was pieced by my mom and was a
present for my cousin's son who loves Monster Trucks. 

The stats are not impressive for the month, but I am okay with that given all the other things going on! 
Fabric added: 0 yards
Fabric used: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 35 1/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 38 3/4 yards
Net fabric used: 3 1/2 yards

Stitching days = 4, for 6 hours of sewing/quilting time
Weeks w/3 days = 0 

I am already doing better for December :) Back soon as I start to plan goals for 2019.