2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first milestone

Yup, friends. I am starting my 100th post! I remember looking at the count when it was in the teens and thinking it would be years before I got to 100, but here I am. Thanks to all who visit and let me share a little piece of my world! I think I will do a little drawing, so leave me a comment with your favorite colors or fabrics and I will come up with a little something special for one lucky reader. (Oh, and if your favorite fabric happens to be thimbleberries, 30's, or repros, please pick your 2nd favorite because those just don't make it into this house!)

I have been busy over the past week and got a quilt top done and some blocks put together. The quilt top is Curvalishish. I bought it at Quilt Beginnings in Columbus, OH when we went for the NQA show 2 years ago. When I opened it a few months ago, I discovered that there wasn't enough fabric for a border, so I took the pattern and fabric back with me a few weeks ago and found another one that is close enough to work. This will be a nice fall quilt once I get it quilted and bound (let's hope I get it done by the time fall arrives!). I was really nervous about sewing curves, because I have never done them before, but it worked really well and I had a good time doing it. I think there will be more curves in my future. The quilt really is rectangular, but I had to take the picture from the landing upstairs, so it looks really wonky!

I also did a quick start-to-finish yesterday, and made two blocks for my bee-mate Kay. She is putting together a 30's basket quilt, so I assembled my blocks at my mom's while the kids slept.

I was hoping to get a quilt on the HQ tonight, but I am pretty tired, so I think I will go to sleep soon and try to get one on tomorrow. I got my micro handles installed, so I am ready to try some new patterns and see how they go. I'll be working on a top my mom put together as part of a group retreat a few years ago. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hanging over my head

You know how some projects just hang over your head? This one is a cross stitch that my friend asked me to do, and I agreed. The kit actually had two in it and I finished the other one last year. I have worked on this on and off over the last 12 months probably, but couldn't get too excited about it because it is not my style. Once we got the Waun-a-Finish challenge going, I knew I had to get this one done. Now it is and my head is free and clear ; ) On to the next cross stitch project...my nephew's christmas stocking. It is well underway so I am hoping to spend enough time on it to have it completed by this Christmas.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Good Excuse to do Nothing

Tonight, I am doing nothing but watching some tv. I had an eye doctor's appointment today - the first in 10 years! - and my eyes are still dilated, so I can't quilt, cross-stitch, compute (much) or read tonight...it is driving me a little crazy.

The good news from the eye doctor is that I show no signs of retinal detachment/degeneration which runs in my family (my dad and brother have both had surgery for it) and the doctor said I was highly unlikely to ever get it. That is really good news. On the flip side, I did get a prescription for glasses...I learned that my night vision problems that I've been having for the last few months is some farsightedness, so I will be off later this week to pick out some frames and get glasses. I will only need to wear them when doing detail work (I know, that doesn't make sense to me) like quilting, cross-stitch, reading, or computing, so that should make up most of the day!

If you have any advice on how to pick out frames, please let me know!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

100% Inspiration, 0% Energy

This weekend, I took a day away from the kids and work and went with my mom and three other quilting friends to Columbus, OH for the National Quilting Association annual show. I have been to this show twice before and it is always a good one. I dropped the kids off at daycare on Friday morning, and we were on the road by 8:30. We stopped at two quilt shops (Sulpher Grove, and Appalachian) before lunch, had great peanut butter pie for lunch in Waynesville, did two more shops (Fabric Shack and Quilt Beginnings), and wound up at Quilt Trends. We had a plan to end our day there for an HQ16 class from one of their national educators. It was a nice class, and gave me lots of information on ruler work, pantographs, and general tips and information. It was well worth it (especially since the shop offered it for free!). After dinner that night, I crashed, but was up and ready to go on Saturday.

We started at The Glass Thimble, a great little shop, and I found the new pattern from Lazy Girl Designs, another purse! I have a ton of purse patterns, but think I may hold on to this one for a holiday themed purse. Then, we were on to the show. As soon as we got there, I met up with Jill and Cathy to make plans to meet for lunch. They were shopping and I wanted to look at quilts first, so we went our separate ways until lunch. The quilts were fantastic. I remember the show being pretty good the last few years, but I think it was really a notch or two better this time. I took tons of pictures of my favorites, and really focused in on the quilting in them a lot more this year. Last time I went to this show, I didn't have my 6600 or my HQ16, so I have expanded my capabilities a lot and it played out in my attention to the detail of the quilts.

We had a good food court lunch with time to catch up with Jill and Cathy. It was nice to chat and chuckle with them. After lunch, we started on the vendors. We all stayed together for a bit, but then parted ways and continued shopping. I bought more than I had planned, but feel like I got some good deals. I bought a little fabric, several patterns, and lots of stuff for the HQ. That's my real focus right now. I was able to get some great threads from Superior at a discounted/show price, so I am starting to build my stock of cones. I tried to buy a couple good general ones and things for the quilts I know I am doing next.

We left the show and decided to make a mad dash for the northwest side Quilt Beginnings store. We arrived at 10 to 5, and rushed in, made a couple small purchases, and headed for our last shopping stop before home, the Eddie Bauer Warehouse Outlet. This is a great outlet that is more deeply discounted then their normal outlet stores and I did very well there. We stopped for dinner on the way home and rolled into my driveway about 11:00. It was a great trip, but I am still tired and catching up. No time in my sewing room today....maybe something tomorrow!

Here are the full set of pictures in a picasa album - I thought that would be way easier than trying to pick the highlights for the blog! Columbus NQA Trip 2009 It includes shop pictures and quilts from the show...I will have to post a picture of my purchases tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Blaming the Iron

I haven't gotten a lot of anything done this week...little bits of progress on several UFOs, but only one very small one done. I am blaming my lack of initiative on my iron. It is one of the nice Rowentas and my husband gave it to me for my birthday last year. It leaked all over my ironing board earlier in the week and I can't figure out how or why. I used it a bit tonight and it seemed to be steaming okay and wasn't visibly leaking, but I am still perplexed and a little perturbed. So, rather than fight with it, I decided to run the auto clean on it (which spit out some brown gunk - that can't be good) and shut it down for the night.

This is a preemie quilt for a baby related to one of my Quilting in Indiana friends. She was born with several issues and will likely be in the hospital for a while. This little quilt can be used over her incubator if the family would like, and I have found that it is also a great lap quilt when the baby is in the backward facing car seat. I embroidered the baby's name on it, but you can't see it in the forest of all the animals. I love this fabric and wish I'd bought more than a fat quarter when I saw it.
I have also been working at times on a cross-stitch, the curvalishish quilt layout (it is on my design wall while I am deciding if I am satisfied with the placement of the blocks), and a wall hanging. This is the wall hanging (sorry, lighting in my sewing room was lousy tonight...I will get a better pic when it is done). It is about 12" x 21" and I am trying to decide if I should just sandwich and turn it and stitch in the ditch around the middle, or if I should do a little quilting on it and bind it (I have enough of the pink and the print for binding). Let me know what you think, and any ideas you have if you think I should quilt it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not a Purse

A few months ago, I visited the Fabric Shack and a couple other quilt shops and kept seeing the Fresh line of fabric. I really, really liked it and thought it would make a great spring/summer purse, so I came home and went through all my purse patterns to find one that would look good and go together relatively quickly. I settled on an Atkinson's Designs pattern from the book Let's Do Lunch, bought my fabric in my April visit to Fabric Shack, and worked it into my to-do list. I got it started on Friday night, quilted it on Saturday afternoon,
and finished putting it together last night.

One problem. It's not a purse...unless you're a giant! It finished as a tote, and I still love it! It will be with me next weekend on my trip to the NQA show in Columbus.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This one's for you Sara

Hand sewing is complete! Ready to go to Sara's (after I show it at show and tell on Thursday night, and I might borrow it back to show it in the quilt show this fall)!

This is the quilt Snapshots from the Happy Hour book. Fabric is from last year's City Girl line by Benartex. They aren't the colors I would normally choose,
but Sara likes them and that's what counts since this is hers.
I quilted it with Sulky Blendables in randomly spaced diagonal lines on my 6600.

This is the pieced back w/rejects from the front border. Sara just kept going back to the stripe for the border, and in the end, I think it looks awesome.
Good news is that we could use these on the back.
Now on to the bigger UFOs....may be a while before my next finish.

Monday, June 8, 2009

One and 7/8

Finally got my first UFO done today - whew - now I am really in this thing! This is the quilt top that I made from Beth Ferrier's class when she visited our guild earlier this year. I loved the "Hand Applique by Machine" concept and had a good time finishing this quilt top. It will go to my guild for our small quilt auction at our quilt show later this year. I machine quilted it on my 6600 and am pretty pleased with the result - I used Bottom Line in the bobbin and I loved, loved, loved it - it was like butter and was so easy to work with. Isacord in the top, which was also really nice to work with.

The 7/8 is Sara's quilt. I worked today on sewing down the binding and was really excited to get to the last few inches, when I realized that I still have to sew down the hanging sleeve...ugh. So, it is really almost done and I'll sew down the hanging sleeve by the end of the quilt guild meeting on Thursday when we have show and tell! Pictures coming when I get it done done, the back is pieced too!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Three Years Ago...

I took my first quilting class in March of 2006. It was a class my mom talked me into taking that her friend was teaching for a project called the fat quarter quilt. Sounded like fun, so I bought the 7 fat quarters, found a coordinating orange (not my color from the get go, but I really liked how it looked with the others), and went about my cutting homework before class.

About 30 minutes into the class, I knew I was in way over my head. To that point, I had made one quilt top and the hardest piecing element in it was 4 patches. This one included an intricate design, multiple assembly steps per row, and set in seams! I did get through the first two rows of the quilt in class and thought I was doing fairly well. I continued to work on it at home until something else caught my attention, at which point I set it aside to pick up later.

I tried for a while to do a row at a time, but it was just too hard to remember how to do it, put together a row, then put it all down. And usually by the end of a row, I was so frustrated that I didn't want to touch it again!

I renewed my resolve about 4 months ago and I got her done! It has been pieced on three machines, each of which was my main machine at the time, and has who knows how many threads in it. It is a little wonky to say the least - 1 1/4" difference in width from the top to bottom before I put on the borders! That's a lot to work in, but there was no way I was taking anything out to make it better! I put the borders on Saturday at my sewing day and am so very happy to have it ready to quilt. It doesn't count in Waun-a-quilt yet, but if I can pick out a backing and get it quilted this summer, it will.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May Accomplishments and UFO Challenge

In the month of May, I didn't have lots of time in the sewing room due to a week of training at work and our family vacation. Even after arriving home, I didn't get much done. Even so, it was a good month. I spent 19.5 hours quilting and got the following done:
- Finished quilting and attached binding to Sara's quilt. I've spent the rest of the month tying off the ends of thread and now just need to sew down the binding and hanging sleeve.
- Finished B. Ferrier workshop quilt top and made binding for it.
- 6 log cabin blocks
- 2 woven star comfort quilt blocks
- Loaded and quilted my friend Lois' Trip Around the World quilt
- 1 buck-a-block
- Finished FQ quilt top and borders
- Finished piecing all the blocks for Five Easy Pieces

So, now I am going to participate in a UFO (unfinished fabric object) challenge with my online group over the summer. Part 1 of this challenge is to post your list of UFOs, so here's mine (including cross-stitch items as well):
  1. Holly Jolly Table Topper (needs to be quilted, bound)
  2. B. Ferrier workshop quilt (needs to be quilted, bound)
  3. Sara's quilt (finish hand sewing binding, hanger)
  4. Five easy pieces top (blocks complete, need to assemble, etc.)
  5. BOM quilt (10 of 12 blocks complete, need to do the rest and figure out how to assemble, etc.)
  6. Nick's Quilt of Valor (8 blocks made, need lots more, and then quilt, bind, etc.)
  7. Class project from last year's Machine Quilting class (finish quilting)
  8. Snow wall hanging from a make it and take it at least 2 years ago (assemble and quilt)
  9. Carol Doak BOMs from 2007-08 (make one or two more blocks, assemble, quilt, etc.)
  10. Stained Glass Log Cabin quilt (make a few more blocks, assemble, quilt, etc.)
  11. 1800's Cross stitch sampler (finish stitching and give to friend for framing)
  12. Angel cross stitch wall hanging (tack down hanger and put in pile of Christmas gifts for this year)
  13. Nephew Alex's cross stitch Christmas stocking (lots to go on this)
  14. Christmas house cross stitch (lots to go on this)
  15. Pie pin cushion from Jen from retreat (haven't touched it since I got home)
  16. Curvalishish quilt (finish blocks, quilt, etc.)
  17. Butterfly fling quilt (buy more backing, quilt, etc.)
  18. Pansy Garland paper pieced wall hanging (some fabric cut, barely started)
  19. Moose wall hanging (cross stitch done, need to fabric frame)
  20. Big baby star quilt top (needs quilting, etc.)
Wow, I didn't think my list would be that long. And that doesn't even include the things that I have all the stuff for but haven't started in any other way. I think it will be a busy summer...I know I won't get to all of these, but I will knock several of them off the list.

So, having said that, goals for June are:
- Finish Sara's quilt and give it to her.
- Finish B. Ferrier quilt and give it to guild for the quilt show small quilt auction.
- Quilt at least one thing on the HQ
- Make a new purse for Columbus NQA show

I think I will leave it at that and hope that any additional time gets sucked up by the ufos above!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jenna's Future

Jenna shared the following with me tonight and I want to record it before I forget it. She told me that when she's a big girl, she is going to be taller than me but not daddy "because he's a boy." She is going to have three children and name them Lauren, Ian, and Braden (coincidentally, all names of her friends at school). She is going to be a teacher and a dentist. And she is going to marry Jack...yes, her brother. When I suggested that wouldn't work, she told me that she hasn't met her future husband yet. She told me that Jack will get married too and that he will also have three children named (you guessed it) Lauren, Ian, and Braden. Guess our life as grandparents will be a little confusing!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The end of the road...and then some

We finally arrived in Albuquerque in rain, at the end of a great week exploring (and driving a lot) across northwest New Mexico. We had two nights and two days to explore the city and two days of rain forecasted, in a city that is sunny about 300 days per year! We wanted to make sure that the kids really had some time to do something they'd enjoy, so we decided to visit the Biopark - a combination Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanical Garden connected by a real choo-choo train. The rain subsided as we arrived at the zoo, and we had a fantastic visit and got to see many animals that we don't have at our zoo. The kids loved the big birds, the lion who roared just for us (just like Alex the Lion from Madagascar!!!)!
And of course, this post wouldn't be complete without sharing the monkey story....as we arrived at the gorilla habitat, the kids and I "chatted" with a couple gorillas then headed over to the other side where a group of 12 year old boys was creating quite a fuss. It turns out the monkey had just poo'ed in front of them, them proceeded to pick up the poo, smear it on the glass, and pick at/eat it. Let me just say that they boys were hysterical, and their enthusiasm rubbed off on the kids. I won't post the picture here, but you can visit our full album of pictures if your curiosity gets the better of you!
The kids then enjoyed their first train ride over to the aquarium, but Jack didn't make it all the way. He loved the train, but the vibration got the best of him. He perked up again when we got to the aquarium, and the loved watching all the sharks, turtles, jellyfish, and fish.

The next morning, we packed up and prepared to head home, but not before a trip up the tram to the top of the Sandia mountains. It was a 2.5 mile tram ride and we all loved the view. It was a great way to cap off our vacation as we enjoyed lunch at the top of the mountain. After the tram ride down, we buckled up and headed toward the airport to catch our flight.
We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to drop off the rental car, load all our stuff - the 4 of us, 2 suitcases, 2 car seats, a double stroller, 4 backpacks, and a tote bag - onto the rental car shuttle, and then get checked in. As we checked in, we noticed that our flight departure was delayed. We knew that our connection was tight, so we shuffled a change of clothes so that we'd be prepared if needed. The main concerns at that point were making sure we had enough food for the kids throughout the travels, and making it through the trip on the 4 diapers we had left for Jack (actually, one diaper and three pull-ups of Jenna's - yikes!).
Our flight was delayed so long that by the time we arrived in Denver, our connecting flight back to Indy was already gone. We waiting in a really long like and with the help of my mom, were able to connect to their 800 number and get rebooked on another carrier the next morning. We were very happy with that solution, because we'd heard rumors that we wouldn't get a flight back for 3 days and were contemplating renting a car and driving the ~17 hours home. We were so glad that 1)we didn't have to do that, 2)got a hotel room for the night, and 3)the bar was still open when we arrived!
After a short night, we did get on our flight the next morning and arrived home weary (and with Jack in the last pull-up), but so glad to be home. We were so happy to be home and sleep in our own beds, and we were especially happy that my mom had dinner for us that night.
I hope you've enjoyed the chronicles of the trip! If you'd like to see the full catalog of photos, you can see them at my Picasa album here => http://picasaweb.google.com/JenQuilter/NewMexicoVacation
Thanks for reading! Now back to the regularly scheduled program....everyday life with kids and quilting!