2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Monday, May 31, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I don't often find that I have something exciting to post on Design Wall Monday, but with the long weekend, I was able to get corner and side setting blocks finished for my Judy L. quilt. Here it is...
Hoping to get the blocks put together during nap time today (really hoping that there is a good long nap time today!). 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stash Report - Week 22

It was a little better week for sewing this week. I had lots of time in the sewing room last Sunday and yesterday and I got all the side setting and corner blocks for my Judy L. quilt done. I will show a picture tomorrow for design wall Monday, so please stop back by to see it. I am looking forward to putting all the blocks together and starting to add borders. 

I did use a little fabric this week to make these cute blocks for our guild Block of the Month program. My mom will turn them in for me on Friday under the condition that she doesn't put my name in the basket to win them all! 

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric used this week: 1/8 yard

Fabric added year to date: 9 yards
Fabric used year to date: 56 yards

Net fabric used: 47 yards

I expect the coming week to be good for stash because I just cut a chunk of Kona Black for my mom and I am planning to prep a wall hanging back. Maybe I will make it past 50 next week - fingers crossed :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's not much, but it feels so good!

Two little blocks to show, but the good news is that I spent over 2 hours sewing this afternoon! Jenna joined me for a while, then headed into her room for a nap, so I got to work away, and it felt soooo good! I finished the two blocks above (from Quilters Cache, a great source for blocks - if you've never been there, plan to spend a few hours!). They are for our guild's north group block of the month. I told my mom I would make them and send them with her as long as she promised not to put my name in the hat to win them! I have enough UFOs already! And I am really not this scrappy! 

After I got them done, I worked on blocks for my Judy Laquidara quilt and got the 4 corners finished, and several parts of the side setting blocks done. I am hoping to finish them this week so I can put the center of the top together. 

Tonight, I plan to head downstairs to load and start on the quilting for my mom's quilt. Sunday night is usually my cross stitch night, but all my favorite shows ended over the last few weeks and I am not a fan of Lost, so there isn't anything worth watching...I will have to reschedule my cross-stitching for later in the week. 

Hope you had a chance to sew today too! 

Stash Report - Week 21

Well, it is a really boring week for the stash report, because not only did I not bust anything, I didn't even sew! Last time I touched a machine was last Saturday night. Don't worry though, I have plans for this week. I have to get a quilt done for my mom so that I can take apart the HQ16 and bring it upstairs. We're having our basement carpet, drywall, and baseboards replaced from the flood we had in March. I will be glad when all is back in order, but I am looking forward to the chance to use my HQ in its tabletop form. 

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric used this week: 0

Fabric added year to date: 9 yards
Fabric used year to date: 55 7/8 yards

Net fabric used: 46 7/8 yards

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stash Report - Week 20

It was a relatively slow week for the stash, but I did have time to focus on a couple old projects so feel fairly accomplished, even though I only used a couple yards. 

The only stash project was a couple pillowcases for the million pillowcase challenge. I was originally going to send one of these to a friend of ours who is stationed in Korea for a year, but my husband vetoed them both as too feminine (I agreed with him, by the way). I will head back to the stash in the next week or so to look for a little more masculine fabrics. 

Beyond the stash, I attached the binding to an old UFO - the first panel I quilted on my HQ16. 

And, I finally sat down and quilted the bucket quilt for the 2nd classroom at my kids' school. This will go in on Monday and I am happy to finally get it back to them! 

Then, at bee on Monday, I finished the binding and tying off for this table runner, which will likely be headed out for a new home present. 

So, a good week for finishes and the stash: 

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric used this week: 2 1/4 yards

Fabric added year to date: 9 yards
Fabric used year to date: 55 7/8 yards
Net fabric used year to date: 46 7/8 yards

Friday, May 14, 2010

EQ Play

Tonight is the first time I've gotten to play with EQ since I installed it a few weeks ago. It is a bit of a learning curve, but I am having fun. I can see how you could really get carried away with this! 

The project I decided to work on is my Thangles Buck-a-Block from 2008. I've had all the blocks made for a while, but didn't buy the shop finishing kit because it didn't really do all that much for me. I got all the blocks drawn out pretty quickly, then started working on arranging them. 

Here's the first try (might want to put on your sunglasses for this orange!)
If I knew how to end the quilt after the last two blocks, it would be a lot better. 

Time to switch the layout and play with the borders. Added another color...looks kinda Christmas-y. I think I like this layout better. 

One more round...and this time I found more fabric colors! It is amazing what you find when you poke around. Now the colors are a little closer to the actual color of the blocks. They are really more like teal and cream. This is probably a little too orangey still, but they are closer. 

I think I like this in two colors even better! I will have to dig through my stash to see if I can find any yardage of the same color or close enough to have this effect.  Not sure I am done yet...I still want to play with the borders a little and see if there is anything snazzy I can do in them.  

This is making me think I might want EQ7....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stash Report - Week 19

The week started off well with sewing day on Monday, and I was able to go for the first time since January (I think...maybe I went in Feb, I can't remember). My bee has a large room set up with tables to sew and a few big tables that are great for making backs and borders because you can lay a whole quilt across them. The kids enjoy going too, because they get to run all around the room and sleep/play in their tents. 

I went with the express goal of getting the quilt top and back for my mother in law done. I pulled out my two possibilities for borders and had everyone weigh in on their preference. In the end, I decided (after some good input) to add two more borders instead of just one more. 

After I got the borders done, I cut, pieced, and pressed the binding, then went to work on the back. I was able to use big pieces of the border fabric to piece a back. I picked up some batting at Joann's this week with a 40% off coupon so it is ready to go on the frame when I finish a couple ahead of it. My goal is to have this one done for her birthday in the beginning of July. 

On to the stash report, which is always better when you've made a back :)
Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric used this week: 5 3/8 yards

Fabric added year to date: 9 yards
Fabric used year to date: 53 5/8 yards 

Net fabric used: 44 5/8 yards - yay - ran over the 40 yard mark and well on my way to 50! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My time with the iPad

Over the weekend, I had a unique chance to test out an iPad through a friend at work. She dropped it off on Saturday afternoon just when I was planning to doze off for a little nap (that didn't happen!) and picked it up on Monday morning.

My first impression was that it was smaller than I expected, but a good size. It really does just about everything that my iPod Touch does, but with a full size bigger screen. I did the stuff I usually do on my computer -- browsing blogs, making comments, facebooking, and checking email. I had a good time and after a few hours passed it over to my husband to play with. He had a good time too. As I headed to bed, I thought I could probably wait until the second generation comes out, but definitely still wanted one. The only downside at this point was the inability to play games on facebook b/c flash isn't installed. Not sure if you can install it, but if so, that would be a big plus. As I pondered a little more, I realized it wouldn't be great for blogging because I couldn't load pictures right on it. If only I could plug in my SD card like I can on my laptop, it would be almost perfect.

On Monday morning, I woke up and started reading some blog entries through my google reader gadget on my google home page. Well, Joan at Lazy Girl Designs, was showing off a new pattern (Margo) and pictures of her made up in different fabrics. Imagine my surprise when I came to discover that I couldn't scroll down to the second screen of her post! All I could see was the handles for the second purse! So, I thought it was maybe an issue with the gadget on the google home page, so I went over to the google reader page directly and the same thing happened. Deal breaker! If I can't read my blogs completely and quickly, I am out. I can easily do email and facebook on my iPod Touch. I can read blogs easily, but typing out a comment is usually held until I get to a full size keyboard.

So, the end result is that I am holding out....at least until the 2nd generation. And if they can't get the google reader to display all of a blog entry, I'm out. I must say though, that the video on it was excellent! If you're a movie watcher, it would be great for that!

Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about it and I will let you know if I know the answers (chances are no, but a girl could try, right?)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I don't think I ever got around to posting after Easter weekend about about visit to Debbie's farm. Debbie is the newest member of our bee and she lives on a sheep farm just a little north of us. We tried to connect over Easter weekend so my kids and their cousins could visit the lambs, but the times didn't match up. She called back on Sunday afternoon after they'd left and invited us up, and I jumped in the car with the kids to visit the farm. It was feeding time and both kids got to feed the lambs. It was very fun!
Of course, the part the kids loved most after petting the sheep was standing on the fire logs!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise Packages

Last week was a little slow at work, and I would up getting home first for a change. Imagine my surprise when two days at the mailbox included packages addressed to me!

The first was a collection of spools from Cathy. I put out the request on my online groups a while back for any wayward spools to take into Jenna's pre-school classroom for their collections area. The teachers like to use them for sorting and counting activities. Cathy told me in her note that this is only two years' worth of thread - I am impressed! The teacher was so happy to have them too - thanks Cathy!

The second package came at the end of the week and I was really surprised to see Moneik's return address. Inside were three great bags that she made from a guessing game she had on her blog last year about how many blocks she would complete in 100 days. I guessed closest to the actual number, and she sent me a prize :) I already have the "J" bag filled with a project in progress - thanks Moneik!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stash Report - Week 18

No news is good news, right? It was a slow week in my sewing room. Did a little handwork and worked on putting together the second bucket filling quilt last night, but no new fabric was cut into, so the report stays the same as last week.

Fabric added this week: 0
Fabric used this week: 0

Fabric added year to date: 9 yards
Fabric used year to date: 48 1/4 yards

Net fabric used: 39 1/4 yards

I am hoping to get some borders and a backing cut this week, so maybe I can cross the 40 yard line for net fabric used next week.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April's Over?

I can't believe it is the start of May today - boy, did April fly by! I had a pretty good month in the sewing room. I totalled 32.75 hours this month, thanks in large part to the the retreat that my mom and I had.

I finished the following projects:
- Judy Laquidara class, all blocks for quilt top

- Lois' large and small Irish Chain tops
- Joann's quilt minus the outer border
- 2 scrap bags
- Miniature Ohio star block for Barbara
- Hemmed my living room curtains - this was probably the biggest accomplishment of all, even though it took under an hour. I have had the curtains up but not hemmed for almost a year and a half!
- Loaded EQ5 on my computer so I can start playing with EQ

And, after this week, I can finally show you Curtis' quilt. He came with his family to celebrate Jenna's 5th birthday this week and I was able to give him his quilt. It still has to be labelled, but I will get it back when the label is ready to sew on (my mom is making it on her embroidery machine).

On the books for May are to continue using my new plan for setting goals and getting things done, so I will no longer list my monthly goals here. I did pretty well in week 1, and when I didn't want to work on any of the "do this week" items, I could look into the "do this month" list and pick something from it.