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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Reds are Ready!

Friday, I pulled out my reds for the snowball challenge, washed them, and pressed them last night. Now I am ready to start cutting! If only I didn't have two other tops to put together first....but we'll see if I can be that disciplined! I hope to have enough fabrics. I am using partial fat quarters and some quarter & half yards, with one 1-yard piece. I may need to pick up a couple more or borrow some from my mom if there isn't enough in this pile : )

On Thanksgiving, I also had a chance to gift my nephew's quilt of valor to him. He served in Iraq earlier this year, and you all helped me pick a layout for his quilt. It was nice to finally be able to give it to him and I think he really liked it. Hope he uses it!

Finally, I have to show you our funniest picture from the farm. Jenna loves to ride the horse Belle every time we are there. As she started to ride through the goat/sheep pasture, they all started to follow along. It was like she was the pied piper of the pasture!

Unfortunately, the ride didn't end as well. Belle shook (like a dog shaking off water) and Jenna lost her balance. She tried to hang on to the saddle, but couldn't, and fell to the ground. She was really shaken up, and didn't want to get back on, but I am hopeful she'll be over it next time we visit and the weather is nice enough to ride.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Introducing Mittens

We welcomed a new 4 legged animal into our home this weekend - meet Mittens (with her greatest fan)!

Much to Jenna's dismay, Mittens has spent the better part of the last two days under our basement futon. Tonight I am sitting in the basement with her and she's actually coming out to play. We got her a fake mouse and she's having a blast with it right now. I hope she'll warm up to the rest of the house in the next few weeks (but, hey, if not, there's nothing wrong with a basement cat)!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Generosity of Others

Isn't this blogging world great when it comes to giveaways? A few weeks ago, I visited Debra's blog. She was one of my swap partners from the Snowball Challenge, and when she sent an email to let us all know she's received her package, she mentioned a giveaway on her blog. Boy, was I surprised to win it! The package arrived last week with all these great goodies in it! What fun - thanks Debra!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trimming up the raw edges

Whenever I am working on one of those quilts where you make the blocks intentionally big, then trim them up later, I always go through a phase of thinking I am really not going to like the quilt that much. That was definitely the case as I finished up my blocks for the Carnival quilt earlier this month. Here they all are on my design wall.

At this stage, I was debating whether I should make the quilt bigger. I decided not to because I wasn't really loving it all that much. However, I do want to finish it and show it at our guild show and tell, so I decide just to cut my losses and start trimming the blocks.

A week later, and a small mountain of trimmed edges later, voila!

Now I like it again! Just have to fiddle with the block placement a little and I will get the top together (hopefully this week), then the job of picking a border starts!

They take after their father...

...that's what I am claiming at least! It's been a while since I updated you on the shenanigans of our children, and there have been several items in the past week, so I thought it was high time to spotlight them again.

Let's start with the trim...about a week ago, I was quilting one more row of this quilt before I headed back upstairs. Jenna went up ahead of me and took with her the paper and scissors that she was playing with (you all know where this is going already, don't you?). As I walked up the stairs from the basement, I said "Watcha doing kiddo?" and she said "Just getting a trim mom." Our couch was littered with hair....lots of hair. I don't know how she didn't whack more off, but she did do a pretty nice job of layering the right side (left side in this picture).

Then, Monday night, Mike was making muffins (yes, he really does bake for us), and let the kids lick the bowl at the end. As they were trying to strongarm each other for a swipe here and there, they started insulting each other....just in case you can't understand what he's saying, it is "bowling ball butt." Yup, I am one proud mom.

And the last one just shows you how smart/devious my dear daughter is. She knows she is not supposed to play with my jewelry. She also knows that Kung Fu Panda doesn't have that same restriction. This is how I found my earrings and Kung Fu Panda earlier this afternoon! Don't you just love it?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Swap Adventures

In my listing of Oct accomplishments, I mentioned that I signed up for a fabric swap and even said in parentheses that I would provided details, but forgot to attach the link. So, here's what I am doing....the Red and White Snowball swap initiated by Nicole from Sister's Choice Quilts, a blog I have read and loved for quite a while now (about a year I guess, because I remember the halloween party costumes from last year!).

I was a little apprehensive about doing a fabric swap because I have heard lots of bad things, from items not received to fabric from Walmart, but I took a deep breath and signed up anyway, and I am so glad I did! I have received all my swap fabric and a couple little bonus items (what fun!). Here are all the fabrics lined up -- I received a couple bonus items in my packages too! The fabrics I sent out are along the left side. I am really looking forward to starting on this quilt when I get my Christmas sewing done.

And, while I was cleaning off my cutting table to lay out all the fabrics from the swap, I ran across my birthday fat quarters from my bee. We gift fat quarters on each person's birthday according to her request, and I asked for oranges this year. Look at these scrumptious fabrics I got -- aren't they great? And, no, I don't know what I am going to use them for!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something to show

For the last few good quilting nights, I have been working on projects that I want to keep under wraps until they are done and received, so not much that I can show. Tonight, though, I can show some pictures. I quilted this tee shirt quilt for a friend from my bee. It has been on the frame for about a week and I started on it Wed. Finished up the last two passes tonight and amazingly didn't put a single tuck in the backing (it was a little wonky). One down, two more to get done before Christmas!

One cool thing that she did on this quilt was include a couple shirt pockets. I quilted around them so that she can put something into them (one of our friends suggested a book light).

On another note, we welcomed a baby into our "almost family" today. My good friend Sara had a baby boy this morning. His name is Curtis James, 9 lbs. 12 oz. and 21.5", a big boy. I will post a picture when I have a chance to get a good one with his eyes open! His big brother, our friend Richard, is staying with us this weekend and the kids are having a great time playing together. The real challenge is that they are all sleeping in the same room....which made for a very early morning today, so I better get to bed. Mike took the early shift today, so I think it will be my turn tomorrow!

Monday, November 9, 2009

A Blog Hop

There is a great blog hop going on that started today and will go for the next 12 days. I follow a couple of these blogs already and really enjoy them. The hop will feature a new free project every day on the featured designer's blog! Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Odds and Ends

Over the last few weeks, I have done lots of little projects. I mentioned most of them in my last post, but didn't have pictures to share...now I do!

Humbug bag -- a "man bag" for our friend Steve who needs a place to store his keys, ipod, etc. while on the boat.

Halloween headbands -- since Jenna forgot to give the one I made for her friend to her, I could take a picture of it...no idea where Jenna's is now! Hers had pumpkins on it.

Blocks....for the head of the quilt show (our theme was "Let Us Entertain You")

...and for bee-mate Loralei

And, since I was wandering around taking pictures, I thought I would show this one. I did the cross stitch for this several years ago and finished the pillow in 2007 I think. The kids love messing with the little bag button!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It is Really November?

It just can't be November already...what, with the last workshop of the year, the quilt show, and Halloween, October just flew by!

The good news is that I finished all my October goals! Woo hoo! Here's the list from my 27.5 hours in the sewing room this month:
  • Humbug bag for my friend
  • Quilted reindeer wallhanging
  • Bear jumper for Jenna (and she actually wore it to the quilt show!)
  • Debbie Bowles workshop
  • Quilted and bound Seasons wall hangings
  • Finished and won a ribbon for Perennial Pansies
  • Quilted fabric for my pay it forward gifts
  • Sara's birthday clock
  • Tree blocks for my bee-mate Loralei
  • Halloween headbands for Jenna and her friend
  • Show block for the quilt show chair
Wow, I can't believe I got all that done! I am a little burned out though, so my list of goals will be small for November:
  • Finish blocks for Carnival quilt from Debbie Bowles workshop
  • Finish my pay it forward gifts
  • Send out my fabric for my first ever internet fabric swap (details here)
  • Quilt t-shirt quilt for my friend Barbara
  • President's block for our guild president
That should be enough to keep my busy before the holidays kick into full swing!