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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Something to show

For the last few good quilting nights, I have been working on projects that I want to keep under wraps until they are done and received, so not much that I can show. Tonight, though, I can show some pictures. I quilted this tee shirt quilt for a friend from my bee. It has been on the frame for about a week and I started on it Wed. Finished up the last two passes tonight and amazingly didn't put a single tuck in the backing (it was a little wonky). One down, two more to get done before Christmas!

One cool thing that she did on this quilt was include a couple shirt pockets. I quilted around them so that she can put something into them (one of our friends suggested a book light).

On another note, we welcomed a baby into our "almost family" today. My good friend Sara had a baby boy this morning. His name is Curtis James, 9 lbs. 12 oz. and 21.5", a big boy. I will post a picture when I have a chance to get a good one with his eyes open! His big brother, our friend Richard, is staying with us this weekend and the kids are having a great time playing together. The real challenge is that they are all sleeping in the same room....which made for a very early morning today, so I better get to bed. Mike took the early shift today, so I think it will be my turn tomorrow!

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