2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stash Report - Week 43

My report is late in being posted today because I had a long, lazy morning after three full days of working at the guild quilt show, and then we headed to a Halloween party this afternoon. It was an amazing show and the quality of quilts was just spectacular. I am really lucky to be in a guild with so many other talented quilters. 

I will post pictures in the near future when I have some time to cull through them all - most likely, I will post a few of my favorites and then a link to an album with all of them. 

Today, just a quick picture and a stash report -- I did fairly well despite there being 18 vendors at the show! I did a little shopping and added a few patterns and a few precuts and one kit to my stash. 

Fabric added this week: 4 7/8 yards
Fabric used this week: 5/8 yards

Fabric added year to date: 46 3/4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 95 7/8 yards

Net fabric used: 49 1/8 yards...back below 50! I am just hoping I can end the year above 50 :)

My pattern totals took a bit of a hit since I bought two new patterns, so now I am at a -2 for year to date pattern usage. Not sure if I will really surpass the 0 mark since my plan is to focus on UFOs through year end to achieve the goal of reducing my UFO volume by at least 8 projects. Time will tell though.....

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Quilters Journey

What an amazingly great day today! Our guild show, A Quilters Journey, opened at 10 am this morning and it was rocking...the aisles were full, the quilters were shopping, and oh, my, the quilts are gorgeous. Every time I walk the main path (and that is a lot!), I see another quilt that catches my eye. Our guild is really lucky to have so many talented women and men (there are just a couple of them, but they do great work too). Warning...I did not resize any of these pics so they might take a bit longer to load.

I was thrilled to have two of my three judged quilts place in their categories. The first was Lois' Oriental Stars, which won a 3rd place ribbon in the Group Quilts category. There were 7 of us (including Lois) who worked on that quilt and it is really great to see one of her quilts recognized. Even better was that her sister Marti came to see the show today and I got to show off the quilt to her too! 

My Autumn Splendor also got a ribbon - an honorable mention, which I was thrilled to receive in one of the largest categories in the show. You can see in the right side of the picture that there is another from the same class hung in the next spot. 

But, the biggest highlight of all so far is that I got to do some publicity for the show on a local television show earlier this week. We prepped a whole page of questions, and I was ready with all these facts about the guild and the show, then didn't get a single one of the questions they prepped! I was able to think on my feet pretty well though and I had a great time. Wish I could spend every day talking about quilting! 

You can go here to see the interview => http://www.wishtv.com/dpp/indy_style/a-quilter%E2%80%99s-journey?ref=scroller&categoryId=10022&status=true

More pictures to come at the end of the show! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My version of quilt in a day

Many of us know about a quilter who claims to be able to make a quilt in a day. Now, I've done pretty well before at retreats with finishing a top in a day, but never a whole quilt! This weekend, I did my own version of a quilt in a day. I picked out some fabric on Friday afternoon to make a baby quilt for my niece and nephew's baby shower, which was today. Rather than bother with piecing, I found a fabric that worked great for them, as they are big pet lovers. Last night, I loaded it on the frame, quilted it with topsy turvy hearts, and trimmed it up. 

I bound it by machine today and ran out of fabric from the backing, so did two strips of backing fabric and two strips of a Moda marble called Orchid. I think it turned out great and she really liked it. 

Stash Report - Week 42

Another week, another report. This week my total focus was on getting 6 quilts labelled, lint rollered, sleeved, packed, and dropped off for our guild show this Friday and Saturday (info here on the show). As of Monday night, I had 6 quilts to label and lint roll, two quilts to sleeve, and one quilt that still wasn't finished quilting! 

Amazingly, I got them all done and dropped them off yesterday morning. It feels great to have them all dropped off and now I just wait to hear the results of judging (I have three that are being judged, including on of Lois' UFOs). My fingers are crossed! 

After I got done with all that, I finished the quilting on my charity quilt, then loaded and quilted some new fabric I picked up on Friday for a baby gift. I have to get it bound this morning as the baby shower is this afternoon! 

I don't expect to use much new fabric in the coming week, as I sent my sewing machine (the main one) off to the spa for routine cleaning and maintenance. I figured it was a good time with the show because I won't have much time for sewing in the next week, and when I get it back I should be pretty inspired. 

Fabric added this week: 2 1/2 yards
Fabric used this week: 4 yards

Fabric added year to date: 41 7/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 95 1/4 yards

Net fabric used: 53 3/8 yards

I also bought a new pattern this week so I am back at a net of 0 patterns used this year. 

Hope you had a good week with your stash! Check out all the other reports at Judy's blog

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our busy autumn day

What I should have been doing today was making sleeves and labels and finishing the quilting on my last quilt for the quilt show, but the kids don't really appreciate that, so instead we headed out to the pumpkin patch with my mom and our neighbor and her baby. 
It was a great day to be outside - not too warm, not too cool - and we all enjoyed the tractor ride out to the patch, selection of pumpkins, obligatory picture by the pumpkins each year, and apple cider slushies on the way out. 

Stash Report - Week 41

This was really a quite boring week for stash reporting, because I didn't spend much time sewing. I am working on finishing up my quilts for the quilt show in 2 weeks and quilting one of my UFOs on the Avante. It is all moving along, but fairly slowly. This week, the only fabric that went out was for a birthday fat quarter. 

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 1/4 yard

Fabric added year to date: 39 3/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 91 1/4 yards

Net fabric used: 51 7/8 yards

Pattern usage remains the same at a net of 1 used for the year. 

I hope to have some pictures coming this week as I get all my quilts labelled, add their sleeves, and get them into their pillowcases for quilt drop off next weekend. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stash Report - Week 40

I started the month off well and worked on not one, not two, but three UFOs this week! I got my convergence quilt into a finished top, finished my new bag (which is now a computer bag instead of a purse because it is so big!), and made some progress on my red and white quilt which I haven't worked on in ages. It felt good to get all of those projects moving along. 

Here's a picture of my finished bag - all that's left it to put a covered button on it so it can close at the top. I will pick one up next time I am at Joann's (was there yesterday, but didn't read the instructions well enough to realize I needed to pick it up at the same time as my grommets!). 

All of these projects helped my stash report this week. The only addition to the stash was an FQ from a bee mate that she hand dyed. It is a gorgeous raspberry piece and I will have to find the perfect project to fit it into. 

Fabric added this week: 1/4 yards
Fabric used this week: 2 7/8 yards

Fabric added year to date: 39 3/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 91 yards

Net fabric used: 51 5/8 (yay! past the 50 yard mark)

Hope you had a great week too! Stop by Judy's blog to check out the other reports. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Join me in supporting Regina

My friend Regina has launched an effort in tribute to her mom, who passed away earlier this year. Please join me in making and sending some four patches to Regina. 

From Regina's blog

The concept is simple - Make a 4 Patch... Make a Donation... Make a difference.

How to Help:1.  Make light-dark 4 patch block(s) using 2 1/2” squares (blocks should finish at 4 1/2” square).      Use any colors you like for your “dark” but please try to use white or ivory for your “light.”
2.  Send the finished block(s) to:  
4Patches4Hope c/o Regina Arlauckas, PO Box 363  Churchville, NY  14428
3.  Please consider making a $4 donation for each block you make to the American Cancer Society via the link at The American Cancer Society or enclose a check to the American Cancer Society with your blocks. (Please do NOT enclose cash and be sure your checks are to the American Cancer Society.)
4.  The goal is 1000 blocks and $4,000 by February 28, 2012.
5.  Received blocks will be assembled into “comfort quilts” and donated to the Anderson Medical Center in Anderson, SC and the Pluta Cancer Center in Rochester, NY.  
6.  Each block donated will enter your name into a drawing for “participation prizes.”
7.  Donations of backing fabrics, batting and services are also appreciated.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Here's where you can check in on Regina's blog and keep track of this project's progress => http://thequeenbeesbuzz.blogspot.com/ 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Work Day Work

On Monday, our bee had our monthly work day. This month, due to some repairs going on at the place we normally meet, we met at Kathy's house instead. She has an amazing sewing room floor (seriously, she has a whole basement!) and we fit 8 members of our bee in the space. Jack came along with me and totally immersed himself in Legos for the day. He and I both got a lot done :)

I started by working on one of my UFOs that isn't even on one of my lists this year - my red and white quilt. I sewed 25 more squares together to make 50 more 1/2 square triangles. I need to make a total of 480 HSTs and have about 180 done...lots of work still to go! After I got that done, I started working on my newest purse, which is so big, I think it will wind up being a computer bag! All I have left is to finish the sides (obviously) and insert grommets to put the handles through. 

I have also been working this week on my UFO for this month from Judy's UFO Challenge. She pulled #5, which is my Convergence quilt. Last you saw it, I had finished the center at retreat with my mom. 

Each night this week, I've added a border and now the top is done! Now I just need to make a back, quilt and bind it. I really am hoping to get it done by the end of the month. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Stash Report - Week 39

For the last few weeks, my focus has been on breaking in my new HQ Avante, so the focus hasn't been on my stash. Luckily, my mom has been helping me out. She is mentoring Lois' great niece Mallory on her senior project, which is a quilt. Last week, they got the backing cut, so it makes up the most of my stash usage. I also finished my market bags on Friday night and had just a little stash used for the handles. The addition is the last of my birthday FQs...maybe this will be the last stash to enter the house this year....hmmmm, will be interesting to see!

Fabric added this week: 1/4 yard
Fabric used this week: 2 yards

Fabric added year to date: 39 1/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 88 1/8 yards

Net fabric used: 49 yards -- let's see if I can get past 50 next week!

My pattern usage stays steady at a net of 0 patterns used...I almost bought a magazine today at Joann's but resisted....aren't I good?

Hope you had a great week with your stash!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

September Review

I can hardly believe that September is already over! I told you when I posted at the beginning of the month that it was going to be a good one and it was. In addition to a major addition to my basement studio, I got several projects finished that I really wanted to have done and we went on a great family camping trip at my sister in law's farm. 

On the sewing front, the biggest news of the month was the upgrade of my midarm from an HQ16 to an HQ Avante. I quilted the last quilt on my old machine and three projects on the new one this month -- here's the total list of quilting and sewing finishes from my 15 hours of sewing time in September. 

  • Baby blanket

  • Comfort quilt pillowcase (and gifted the comfort quilt)
  • Quilted, bound, and attached a hanging sleeve to Lois' bowties
  • Quilted and finished my Market bags, a UFO from last year

  • Loaded and quilted a rail fence quilt for Kay
  • Loaded and quilted my mom's Convergence quilt
On deck and most important for October is getting my projects ready for the quilt show - I have two quilts that need hanging sleeves, one that needs to be finished (quilting is partially done), and labels for all of them. I am planning to quilt another one or two projects this month and have a sewing day Monday, so hope to get some piecing done on a new purse and maybe a new project too. Hope September was good for you too!