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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evolution: Toddler Style

It really is amazing how quickly toddlers pick things up. Anyone who has had one in the car/room with them when they say something a little off-color knows that it will come back out of their mouths, usually at an inopportune moment. One of the most amazing things to watch in the development of our children is the evolution of their speech. From the early grunts to first words to the attempt to make a joke, I think it is amazing how quickly they change, and if you don't write something down fast, you're apt to forget it...which is where the blog comes in handy ;)

Jenna has progressed in her language to the point that I am rarely the interpreter anymore, but sometimes still the amplifier. In some ways, I miss the days where only I could understand her chatter, but it is nice to be able to have her ask for a cookie at Target (it seems a little more legit when she asks!). Gone are the cute mispronunciations of last summer, like sunnecklace instead of sunglasses and waterlemon instead of watermelon.

Ah, but now we've moved on to catch phrases. She started saying "Holy Crud!" while we were in Oregon, which I believe she learned from her 14-year old cousin at a recent family get together. I was not crazy about this coming from the mouth of a three year old, so I started redirecting her to say "Holy Cow!" I thought I was pretty successful, then she quickly progressed to Holy Pete and Holy Smoke (don't know where she got these). But the latest is by far my favorite...in excitement the other day, she said "Smoley cow!" I laughed out loud...and thought it was a one time phrase, but I think she got enough attention for it, that she has now been using it liberally.
Isn't evolution great?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Late Night, Lazy Morning

We actually had an adult night out last night and I thought you would all get a kick out of seeing some pictures. Our friends Sara and Del bought a Wii a few months ago. The first time we got together (also with Bill and Dan), I broke a sweat playing tennis, and especially boxing. I think Sara and Del play all night every night, because they can beat the pants off the rest of us. After the antics last time, I was smart enough to bring my camera this time!

We started out with Kabooki, the Cranium Wii game. It was fun (especially since my team won!), but no great moments that I captured on film. Then, on to Wii Play, where we did some cow racing. Finally, we loaded Wii Sports and that is when the real fun begins.

Here's Bill and Del starting off slowly with a game of tennis.

Mike playing baseball.

Me with a swing and a miss! Sara bowls a strike!
Chick boxing
Del KO's Sara

We got home late, went to bed later, and Jack was up ready to go at 6:30! That led to a very lazy day around our house, as one of us could be found napping on the couch at most times! Here's hoping we get a good night's sleep tonight and Jack decides to sleep in tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lotsa Blocks

I have been working on lots of blocks this week, and feel like I am really getting caught up. I have finished a block for our guild opportunity quilt (for the 2009 show), two blocks for the Quilters in Indiana monthly block lottery, and my May and July Carol Doak blocks of the month. Great progress towards my monthly goals and I am feeling much better about July that I did about this time in June.

All this despite the fact that through the course of the last week, all four of us have had some kind of illness. Jack is the last one to be sick, and he has an ear infection, so it has been a rough couple days for him. He is on meds now, and actually ate and played a little today, so I think he's on the mend.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pictures from the Sisters Quilt Show

Finally! Whew...94 pictures from our trip to Oregon, and that doesn't even count the ones of mountains, Jack, the bike race we saw, or the friends we stayed with! I couldn't figure out how to put a slide show of the pictures on my blog, so am just going to share the address instead. Then you can browse at your own pace to view all the pictures. Hope you enjoy! I am amazed at how many spectacular quilts we saw and it was all in one day! It is on the "return to" list for sure.

Go to the pictures! (click on detail to see the comments that I've added about the pictures or click on each individual picture)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jack's Trip to Oregon

Still no pictures for the quilters...I am still trying to work on getting them all uploaded so I can have a slide show for you to see them all. But, I thought I would update you all on Jack's time in Oregon. He had a blast on the trip and I think I mentioned before that he was a GREAT traveller. He loved the airports and airplanes. On the first flight, he kept seeing the wing out of our window and pointing at it and saying "airplane!" I kept telling him that we were on that airplane, but I don't think he ever really understood that!
Naps and bedtimes were a bit of a challenge being 3 hours off our regular time zone, but he was a real trooper and took most of his naps on the go in the car. Here are a few pictures of him during the trip.
He fell asleep reading on the way from Portland to Bend,
a gorgeous 3 hour drive through Santiam pass.
A boy's got to check email, even on vacation!
I think he thought I was going to leave him at Mt. Bachelor!
Much happier with mom and Gran in the picture too!

It's bright on the mountain - having lunch at Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood.
I promise pictures of the quilt show will be coming soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back from Oregon

Just a quick post..Mom, Jack, and I returned from Oregon yesterday. It was a FANTASTIC trip. The Sisters Outdoor Quilt show was amazing. We think we saw most of the quilts in town, but I am sure we missed a few somewhere, hanging on the side of a building. I will figure out a way to post my photos from the show (about 50!) later this week.

Jack was a fantastic traveller. He loved the planes and airports and was even very good on the 3 hour trips to Bend and back. He made friends with all the ladies in the 10 quilt shops we visited, and loved all the different containers for fat quarters.

More later when I pull the pictures off my camera.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of Luck

This was a lucky weekend for me. The biggest part of my good luck is that I took my failing iPod Touch to the Apple store and it was replaced under the warranty. Now, that's not luck, you are probably thinking, that't the warranty. Well, the luck part of it is that the reason it was failing is because a cup leaked and it sat in Sprite for 15 minutes a few weeks ago. After that episode, it would turn on only when docked to the computer, but it wouldn't keep a charge...and any water/liquid voids the apple warranty. So, I decided that honesty was the best policy and told my iPod genius the whole sordid tale. He replaced it because the water indicator did not show that there had been any water damage. I swear, I almost hugged the guy when he brought out my new one and said to have a great day.
The other lucky part is that I have been working hard on my block lottery quilt. This is made from blocks that I won earlier in the year from my online group. I was shocked to have won, then even more shocked to receive 29 blocks in the mail. It was a really fun month! I was originally going to make a really big quilt (probably would have been king size), but then upon laying it out again decided that I didn't really want to make it that big. Instead, I split the darker blocks from the lighter ones and made two tops. Then, I decided that I wanted it to be a reversible quilt. So the bright/lighter blocks are slated to be the front and the darker ones the back. Here are some pictures.

The light/bright side

The dark side

They are really the same size...just took pictures from a little different angle. Now that I have put them together...I am thinking the dark side might have to be the front of the quilt!

It will go the quilter upon my return from Oregon. I will post from there if I get a chance...if not, I will have lots to share when I get home next week!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Projects

So, you already know that this isn't pretty. I set out with lots of goals for the month of June and here's what I actually did:
- Binding on Jack's quilt (now just needs the label sewn on)
- June Carol Doak BOM
- Kansas Dugout block for Quilters in Indiana block lottery
- Hosted Karen Combs' patchwork illusions class and completed two of the blocks. Purchased fabric to make a couple more.
- UFO #3 completed - woo hoo - this has been hanging over my head...well, actually hiding in my cabinet, for three years and is now done. Kim, if you read my blog, stop here, because I have to post a picture. It is a wall hanging in memory of her dear dog who passed away just before Jenna was born. I will get a label and hangers on it this month and send it her direction.

I did also make progress on putting together the blocks for my red, white, and blue quilt and have decided to make it reversible. Brights will go on the front and darks on the back. I also purchased the fabric to complete the borders and worked with my longarm quilter to design the quilting pattern for it. My goal is to complete it before Mom, Jack and I leave for Sisters Quilt Show on the 9th.

So, for July, I am going to aim low. It is a busy month as the three of us will be gone for a week to travel to Oregon. We're staying with family friends and looking forward to the biggest outdoor quilt show in the US. I am really looking forward to it and also to having some dedicated time with Jack. Jenna is going to have a fun week at home with daddy. My work schedule is also really busy for the end of the month, so I won't have much time in the evenings. Given all of that, here are my goals for July:

- Finish top and back of red, white, and blue quilt and turn over to the longarmer for quilting.
- Label on Jack's quilt
- Hangers and label on UFO #3 and in the mail to Kim!
- May and July Carol Doak BOMs
- Continue progress on cross stitch baby presents
- 2 more patchwork illusion blocks

That should be enough...hopefully I won't have to make excuses at the end of the month!