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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Evolution: Toddler Style

It really is amazing how quickly toddlers pick things up. Anyone who has had one in the car/room with them when they say something a little off-color knows that it will come back out of their mouths, usually at an inopportune moment. One of the most amazing things to watch in the development of our children is the evolution of their speech. From the early grunts to first words to the attempt to make a joke, I think it is amazing how quickly they change, and if you don't write something down fast, you're apt to forget it...which is where the blog comes in handy ;)

Jenna has progressed in her language to the point that I am rarely the interpreter anymore, but sometimes still the amplifier. In some ways, I miss the days where only I could understand her chatter, but it is nice to be able to have her ask for a cookie at Target (it seems a little more legit when she asks!). Gone are the cute mispronunciations of last summer, like sunnecklace instead of sunglasses and waterlemon instead of watermelon.

Ah, but now we've moved on to catch phrases. She started saying "Holy Crud!" while we were in Oregon, which I believe she learned from her 14-year old cousin at a recent family get together. I was not crazy about this coming from the mouth of a three year old, so I started redirecting her to say "Holy Cow!" I thought I was pretty successful, then she quickly progressed to Holy Pete and Holy Smoke (don't know where she got these). But the latest is by far my favorite...in excitement the other day, she said "Smoley cow!" I laughed out loud...and thought it was a one time phrase, but I think she got enough attention for it, that she has now been using it liberally.
Isn't evolution great?


Regina said...

Love it - my little one is 3 so we get these every day. My current favorite is "shoes and socks or toes and feet" - cause bare feet have to have toes, too!

Moneik said...

Oh how funny! I love the things little kids say!

Mommy Ana Paula said...

She is so adorable, Jennifer.
And you are right, they are soooo funny! Noah is now saying that everything is "huge". :-)
Oliver is starting to talk. He says: "Stop it!" and "Thank you".
We need to get together more often! Can't believe we live so close! TTYL! Ana Paula

Gina said...

Kids say such fabulous things. mind you they can get you in trouble aswell.
when Gemma was 4 or 5 we were in the car with my non-swearing father and mother. Dad was driving and he had to brake suddenly as another car came out of a junction without stopping. Gemma piped up and said ' Grandad is he what dad call's a w***er'. I was mortified.

Love and hugs gina xxx