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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Late Night, Lazy Morning

We actually had an adult night out last night and I thought you would all get a kick out of seeing some pictures. Our friends Sara and Del bought a Wii a few months ago. The first time we got together (also with Bill and Dan), I broke a sweat playing tennis, and especially boxing. I think Sara and Del play all night every night, because they can beat the pants off the rest of us. After the antics last time, I was smart enough to bring my camera this time!

We started out with Kabooki, the Cranium Wii game. It was fun (especially since my team won!), but no great moments that I captured on film. Then, on to Wii Play, where we did some cow racing. Finally, we loaded Wii Sports and that is when the real fun begins.

Here's Bill and Del starting off slowly with a game of tennis.

Mike playing baseball.

Me with a swing and a miss! Sara bowls a strike!
Chick boxing
Del KO's Sara

We got home late, went to bed later, and Jack was up ready to go at 6:30! That led to a very lazy day around our house, as one of us could be found napping on the couch at most times! Here's hoping we get a good night's sleep tonight and Jack decides to sleep in tomorrow.

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Gina said...

I love Wii Sports. I'm useless at the Baseball but I'm an unbeaten champion at the tennis. I have to play against the computer as no one will play with me any more.

love and hugs gina xxx