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Thursday, July 3, 2008

June Projects

So, you already know that this isn't pretty. I set out with lots of goals for the month of June and here's what I actually did:
- Binding on Jack's quilt (now just needs the label sewn on)
- June Carol Doak BOM
- Kansas Dugout block for Quilters in Indiana block lottery
- Hosted Karen Combs' patchwork illusions class and completed two of the blocks. Purchased fabric to make a couple more.
- UFO #3 completed - woo hoo - this has been hanging over my head...well, actually hiding in my cabinet, for three years and is now done. Kim, if you read my blog, stop here, because I have to post a picture. It is a wall hanging in memory of her dear dog who passed away just before Jenna was born. I will get a label and hangers on it this month and send it her direction.

I did also make progress on putting together the blocks for my red, white, and blue quilt and have decided to make it reversible. Brights will go on the front and darks on the back. I also purchased the fabric to complete the borders and worked with my longarm quilter to design the quilting pattern for it. My goal is to complete it before Mom, Jack and I leave for Sisters Quilt Show on the 9th.

So, for July, I am going to aim low. It is a busy month as the three of us will be gone for a week to travel to Oregon. We're staying with family friends and looking forward to the biggest outdoor quilt show in the US. I am really looking forward to it and also to having some dedicated time with Jack. Jenna is going to have a fun week at home with daddy. My work schedule is also really busy for the end of the month, so I won't have much time in the evenings. Given all of that, here are my goals for July:

- Finish top and back of red, white, and blue quilt and turn over to the longarmer for quilting.
- Label on Jack's quilt
- Hangers and label on UFO #3 and in the mail to Kim!
- May and July Carol Doak BOMs
- Continue progress on cross stitch baby presents
- 2 more patchwork illusion blocks

That should be enough...hopefully I won't have to make excuses at the end of the month!

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