2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moose Sighting!

Yes, in central Indiana...we have a moose sighting. Deep in the woods of quiltingmom's sewing room a moose has emerged.

This is a project that my mom bought at least 10 years ago to make for a friend who collects moose items. She has since moved away from that friend and bought a few more cross stitch projects, so I was bequeathed this one because now I have a friend who collects moose items. He is moving into a new home next month, so this will be a housewarming gift for him. Although it seems as if I just did this, the year on the bottom says 2007, so I must have had it hidden in my sewing table for at least a year and a half! Yikes!

I worked on it a few weeks ago when I was hosting the Bonnie Hunter workshop, so the back of it sports a wonky star a la Bonnie, with thanks to Linda for the moose in the middle - isn't it great to have friends with fun scraps?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching Up

Whew...the last week has been very busy! Here's a photo log of our activities....

Went to the 2009 Indiana State Fair...got rained on twice, but still had a great time and ate yummy fair food. See my mom's cute Runaround bag?

Moneik probably recognizes this mini Farmall tractor!

Proud as a pumpkin....in the year of the tomato!

Annual family visit to the ferris wheel - Jack's first ride and he loved it!

Celebrated my birthday and my present to myself was the completion of my new purse, with matching pouch. Headed to Michigan for a long weekend with my college roommate and her family. Visited with several college friends, went boating in the rain, and had lots of fun with their Wii!

Finished the hand stitching on Nick's quilt! This project just needs a label, but I am going to call it done. I will present it to him soon.
Finished sewing the label on my mystery re-do baby quilt, ready for mailing later this week (no picture of this one, but you can click on the re-do tags to see what it looks like).
I think that's enough for now! Guess I better revisit those monthly goals and see what I need to finish up in the next few days!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The stupidest UFO

About 2 days before Christmas last year, I decided to fabric frame an angel cross stitch and send it away for a present. I got it mostly done and just needed to sew down the hanger on the back. In the midst of the holidays, I never got back to it!

The first thing that I did on Saturday when I was hosting the workshop was sew down the hanger. Here it is!

Well, at least it is ready for Christmas this year : )


I always come home from a day of sewing exhilarated. Sometimes tired too, but usually that much more motivated to work on my projects. Saturday at Bonnie's class was no different. I always say that I am not a scrappy person, but I just finished a log cabin quilt that is kinda scrappy, and I do like 2 or 3 color scrap quilts. I just can't do the "stick you hand in the bag and sew whatever comes next" kind of scraps.

Sooo, after listening to Bonnie's lecture and class, I knew I had to do something with my scraps. I keep them in pretzel buckets from Costco (thanks mom!) and have started to exceed the size of those. I just throw stuff in willy nilly, including scraps of binding, triangles, and snippets of fat quarters.

When I arrived home Saturday night, I knew I was way too tired from the whole week to sew, and Mike and I wanted to spend some time together. We got the first season of Entourage on DVD earlier in the week, so decided to start watching the episodes. I decided to pull out all my scraps and divide them as follows: lights, darks, binding in a baggie, and triangles in a baggie. About halfway into it, I realized I had way more darks than lights, so subdivided the darks into red/pink/orange/lighter purples and all other darks.

I am so happy at the end of it - now I feel like these are really going to be usable pieces of fabric whether I am working on a quilt, a block, or just need a little snippet of fabric for paper piecing.

Thanks Bonnie for your inspiration!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quiltville Weekend

My busy weekend started at about 4:00 Thursday when I left work early to go have dinner with Jill and Bonnie Hunter! Our guild is trying a new restaurant and it was great - Jill even liked my salad so much that she documented it!


Dinner was great and I was sitting between Jill and Bonnie, so got the chance to get to know Bonnie and catch up with Jill. Bonnie's lecture at the meeting was great. She really does know how to get her money out of her yardage! I am not nearly as scrappy as she is, but I still picked up some tips and there are a few of her patterns I really like, I would just do them in a couple colors or a theme instead of wildly scrappy! After the meeting, I followed Jill and Becca back to my mom's (they stayed with her) and we chatted for a couple hours before I headed home to collapse.


On Friday, I had to work, so I caught up with everyone Friday night when I had them over for dinner. It was a great time and the kids even cooperated after the first hour! Here's Jack hamming it up for some strawberry shortcake.


We stayed out on the deck for a couple hours and ate way too much! It was great company, and my dog really loved all the attention! I offered to let her go home with Linda, but I don't think Piwacket would put up with another dog!

Saturday was the Crumb Piecing workshop and I was the hostess for the day, which means that I helped Bonnie with anything she needed, ordered lunch, and made sure everything went generally well. As the class hostess, you can semi-participate in the class, because you have to take care of the lunch and participant details first and foremost. Even though I wasn't actively involved in the class, I had a good time watching Bonnie teach and picked up enough that I could easily do some crumb piecing. I was working on a couple other projects that I will blog about over the next week, but did make one wonky star Bonnie's way - as you can see, not quite as scrappy as some of the others! Linda had the moose fabric for the middle, which fit very well with the theme for the front of the little hanging this is going to go on.

Here's one of Bonnie's crumb pieced quilts - she laid them out on the floor in the middle of the classroom for everyone to have inspiration throughout the day!


Class ended late afternoon and the Cincy gals and I made a trip to Quilts Plus, so they could support them again! We finished the day with ice cream from Baskin Robbins, mmmmm.

It was a great weekend and I've now subscribed to Bonnie's blog! I may not get all the way there, but it is a start! It was really fun to have some of my quilting peeps in town for a mini-reunion and I am looking forward to the next one!


P.S. Sorry if the pictures are small, I had to borrow them from Jill as my camera is out of service right now....you can visit Jill or Becca or Linda's blog to see better pics (I don't think Cathy was taking pictures)!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Quilt in a Week

Last weekend, my mom and I decided that we really wanted to make something for my cousin who was going into an unexpected surgery on Monday. We had just been to the sale at Quiltmakers, a local shop that is going out of business (retirement, not bad economy), and I had purchased a Terry Atkinson book. There was a perfect, quick pattern in it called Shoeboxes. When we arrived at my mom's house, we started going through her stash and quickly came up with the 18 FQs we needed to put it together. I brought them home and swapped a few out, and this is what we started with. Five of them were a fabric bundle that my mom bought last year, and we built all the others around that bundle.
On Sunday, we got the top together in about 4 1/2 hours, and my mom had some extra wide backing that we could use for the back without having to piece it (always a treat!). She cut the backing and I brought it all home to load on the frame.

It was on the frame by Monday night, ready to go...I decided to try my first pantograph on it and it worked out really well. I am looking forward to trying more after this experience. I did run into a slight problem on Wednesday when I was quilting along to discover that the backing was short...by about 18"! Not sure how it happened, but I got the quilt off the frame, got more fabric from my mom, and got it pieced and re-loaded, then finished the last few rows of quilting. The last couple rows didn't line up perfectly, but they were close enough.

I got it bound on Friday night and we decided to head over to Cincinnati for a day trip on Saturday to deliver the surprise and also visit with my aunt and other cousin, as they'd been there all week taking care of Julie. The kids had a great time getting to see them all - it had been over a year for my aunt and Mary, so they were amazed at how much the kids have grown.

(She doesn't even look like she had surgery earlier in the week, does she?)

This is the fastest I have ever put a quilt together - of course, the easy pattern, already available fabric, and partnership between me and my mom all helped make it happen. Not sure how soon I will do that again, but it is nice to know that, in a pinch, it is possible!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Very Productive Day

Monday was my bee's work day. It is really a great opportunity to pack up my sewing machine, a couple projects, and the kids, and have a chance to sew all day. For the first time ever, we were the first ones to arrive! The kids had fun turning on all the lights in the room and chasing each other around before others started to arrive. I got their tent set up and they began to entertain themselves (that is the real beauty of work day!).

I started with a quick start to finish - two blocks for my bee-mate Kathy. They are for a home of the brave quilt. These are not fabrics I would choose, but they went together easily and quickly.
Next up was one of my big time UFO's. The irony is that this is a small project, but I spent a whole afternoon one day cutting all the pieces for this paper pieced wall hanging, then only sewed one seam in each of the top pansy sections. For some reason that I can't remember now, I was overwhelmed with it and not enjoying it, so I put it away, and it has been there for at least two years now. I pulled it out to take to work day b/c of the UFO challenge I am doing over the summer. I got a lot done on it - three sections x 5 pansies and put them together. I have two more paper pieced sections and two borders to put on then the top will be done! Woo hoo!

In the midst of working on the pansies, Jenna pulled a stack of scraps out of my bag that have been sewn together since retreat when I made my butterfly fling quilt. The pattern had me cut the corners off each layer cake/charm square. I sewed them all together at the time and threw them in the bag thinking that they would make something cute. Well, she thought they would make something cute too, so we made a pillow form. She picked out the ones she wanted together and I sewed them. We stuffed the pillow when we got home and you can see from her face below that she really likes it. She slept with it last night and has it again tonight. Now I just have to get the quilt that matches it ready to quilt!

More to come later this week - I am quilting a surprise quilt and trying my hand at my first panto!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Goodbye July

July was really a great month. I had lots of time to quilt, expanded my horizons on my HQ and spent some time with friends and family. In addition to all that, the weather here this summer has been just gorgeous. I am loving the temperate summer days that darken into cool summer nights. We have spent some time outside just about every day this month and we've gotten accustomed to eating dinner on the deck, which is really a treat.

This month, I got in 22.75 hours of sewing, the exact same amount as June! I finished:
- Snow wallhanging
- Last block, assembly, and quilting for Nick's QOV
- Assembled top and binding for 16 stars - I am waiting to show a picture of this one because I still need to stitch on the applique sections.
- Quilted my mom's oriental drunkards path with my micro handles
- Made a pink penguin bag for Patti for my 100th post giveaway
- Made a wine tote for my friend Bonny for her birthday (and it was filled with a bottle of wine!)

My goals for August:
- Finish and label Nick's quilt
- Label and mail my Mystery Quilt Re-do, which is now a baby gift
- Make progress on some UFOs
- Start a couple Christmas/fall birthday gifts
- Get at least 2 quilts done on the HQ

I have a good start on August since my mom and I got to sew all afternoon! Pictures to come later in the week of our project.