2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Quilt #10 2015 - Barbara's Floral Orange Peel

My friend Barbara asked me to quilt this top for her back in the spring...I think she gave it to me in May or June.  It sat and sat mostly because I didn't know how I wanted to quilt it.  I finally decided to load it on the frame over Thanksgiving weekend and finish it up for her! 
She asked for a custom quilting job that would highlight the orange peels and said that I could easily come in and out of them, because she will be adding a button and yoyo to the top of each one! After debating a lot (both before it was loaded and after), I decided to do loops in the open areas around the orange peels and figure 8s in the orange peels. 
Once I got going, this one moved along pretty quickly. I used Warm and White batting and Aurifil thread, which quilted up just beautifully, and with zero thread breaks across the whole quilt! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quit #9 2015 - Indy 500 Table Runner

On this cool, cloudy Sunday afternoon, I can't quite get myself motivated to do much more than keep the couch company, so I thought I'd write about Quilt #9 that came on and off my Avante this year.  Usually by this time of year, I'd be on quilt 20 or 22, but it has been a slow quilting year for me (balanced by a really good cross-stitching year, so I am not too upset by it!).  Over Thanksgiving, I had 5 days off in a row and I was determined to make some good quilting progress (I posted here about other progress I made that weekend). 

I wanted to make some quick progress, so I pulled the table runner off my design wall. This started as a row by row shop hop project. I initially planned to put all my rows together into a top, but then one of my bee-mates came and showed us how she'd turned a couple of hers into table runners. I thought that was a great idea for this row, since we celebrate race car driving in Indianapolis in May. I was lucky to have a checkered backing that matches the borders, so it keeps the theme going! 
I decided to do a custom quilting job on this quilt, but it is a little hard to see because I matched the thread to the backing. I did double loops in the outer border that look a little like car wheels, stitch in the ditch around the black border, and a loopy stipple in the grey with circles that look slightly like exhaust coming from the back of each car. 
The thread on this was interesting - I used Aurifil (top and bobbin) for the two borders, and it quilted beautifully, which has been my experience every time I use it on my longarm.  I used Isacord grey in the center of the quilt, and I was really pleased with it as well.  When I first got my machine, I bought about 6 or 8 spools of Isacord during a sale at a local quilt shop, and then someone who was far more experienced with a longarm told me that I couldn't use Isacord with my longarm because it would shred. I was really sad (and kinda mad that I'd just dropped a chunk of change on it!) and I didn't try it for a long time.  When I finally did, I had great luck with it and that has been the case ever since. I am really glad that I didn't throw it out or give it away! It is amazing how differently threads behave on one machine vs. another (and I am glad it behaves well on my machine). 

It was a quick on-and-off project and I look forward to using it next Spring! And, it is another kit completed in my year of the kits! 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 2015 Accomplishments

I started off November with a great bee sewing day and then didn't do any sewing for two weeks because we were on vacation in lovely Hawaii. 

We returned on a Sunday and I had Monday off to get things back in order before returning to work. I got a little sewing time in that day, and then kept the momentum going through the rest of the month. I really got a lot done over the Thanksgiving weekend - I sewed at least a little each day from Tuesday to Sunday and have something to show for it! 

Here's what I got done in November: 
- Finished the Sandcastle kit that I started on my fall retreat. 
- Caught up on the Midnight Mystery quilt - clues for Sept, Oct, and Nov
- Finished an Advent Calendar for my cousin. She has a 3-year old, so he is the perfect age for it! 
- Made up a couple pet beds
- Fabric framed a cross stitch baby announcement
- Made a couple more Scrappy Trips blocks
- Loaded, quilted, and bound my Indy 500 table runner - a row by row kit from the first year of the row by row shop hop. 
- Loaded and quilted a top for my friend that I've had way too long! 
- Made September's string blocks (yes, I am that far behind on my string blocks)
On the cross-stitch front, I finished another kit - Dream Big. I've pulled the fabric I want to use to finish this one, so plan to do that and send it off to the recipient soon. 

It was a great month and I am hoping to keep the momentum going in December. I still have teacher gifts to figure out, so better get going!