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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Books to blocks to berries

Do you ever feel guilty when you don't sew for a while? I was starting to feel that way this week since I have spent much of this much dedicating time to the quilt show registration. I think of all that I've put into this hobby and wonder why I spend hours on the couch (and/or computer) instead of hanging out in my sewing room. I shrugged off the guilt this weekend and got going on a present for a baby shower. Jenna's child care teacher is pregnant with her first and so I made her a fabric book. I bought this a long time ago and it was just waiting for a parent with the right sense of humor! I know that Ms. Fawn is that parent!

Friday night was not without its trials though, as I did all the sewing in assembly line fashion, just to discover when I went to turn the pages that I had done them all with the batting on the outside! Lots of ripping, but my Pandora station was playing great music, so I got over it!

On Saturday night, I had to work on blocks that are due to my bee-mate Barbara on Monday. I was trying to talk to my mom while I was putting the first few pieces on and got all the colors (ok, there are only two colors) out of order, so I had to start from scratch on them too! Once I got them going correctly (and got off the phone!), they went quickly. After I finished them, I settled into my bed for a long night of reading. I finished The Time Traveler's Wife. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. I may even have to rent the movie now when it comes out, but I wanted to read the book before I read the movie.

The best sewing day of the weekend though, was today! I started early this morning and made the sleeve for Jack's quilt, which is going to hang in our guild show in October. I will hand stitch it on tomorrow at bee. Then, I got the Perennial Pansies top sandwiched and stabilized. I stitched in the ditch around both of the borders, then put it aside so I can decide how I want to quilt it. After lunch, both kids took a nap at the same time (woo hoo!), so I got a quilt on the frame. I used a poinsettia and holly berries panto and got the whole thing done by early afternoon. I used Isacord on the top (it was nice and worked great, even though I was just told last week that I shouldn't use it in the HQ since it is a 2-ply thread instead of a 3-ply) and Bottom Line in the bobbin. It is my mom's and I handed it over to her earlier tonight. I have another tree skirt to make for us, that I have to get finished before we bring our tree into the house this year! The top is ready, so I just need to match up a backing. I am hoping to get to that in the next few weeks.

Next up, I need to put labels on all my quilts for the show. That should keep me busy in front of the tv this week! Hope you had just as productive a weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Clamshells become Raindrops

I just finished the latest quilt on my HQ16. This one really had me psyched out because I was doing not one, but two new things. I did ruler work in the center, and a panto around the borders, which included turning the quilt 90 degrees. I was really worried about that, because last time I did that, I put a tuck into the back, but that quilt was for charity, and this quilt is for a friend (her quilt, I am quilting it for her to build my skills).

I got it on the frame about 3 weeks ago, I think. I easily did the panto across the top border, then I started on the clamshells with the ruler. I was having lots of fun when I realized that the quilt was actually directional, and I was doing the clamshells upside-down! Yikes....that's when they became raindrops!

At the bottom, I did the 2nd line of panto work, and then it sat....waiting.

My dad is in the process of making me a pattern port so I can follow a panto (or any other pattern) down the quilt without having to 1) stitch from the back, and 2) turn the quilt. He hasn't gotten it done yet, and I decided over the weekend to turn the quilt. I was really apprehensive after I turned it because the remaining borders looked pretty wavy, and I was pretty sure I would wind up with a tuck. I finally got up the courage tonight and had really good luck! Once I took the time to load it well and pin and baste the edges, it laid much better and I was able to finish it in about an hour!

I hope Suzie likes it!

Extra details...I used Lava from Superior on the top - love this thread! - and Brytes in the bobbin. The panto is called Rose and Leaf, which I got from Jill when I went to the retreat in April (thanks Jill!), here's a close up of it on my table.

(Wo)man vs. Machine

Have you ever had an evening at your sewing machine where you think the machine maybe has it out for you? I had one of those nights last night. I had looked forward all day to spending the evening in my sewing room so I could finish my new purse for fall, and when the time came it was one thing after another. I pinned the first piece incorrectly, then had some issues with shredding thread, then almost broke a needle when a pin got lodged in my feed dogs. I even took a break in the middle to go put clean sheets on our bed (you know it has to be bad when you walk away from the machine to do housework!). In the end, I conquered the machine! We came to grips with each other by the end of the night and at the end of it all, I  think I should have been using a different needle probably. Either way, I was able to get through the project successfully and I love my new fall bag. I even have a model to show it to you!

Now, onto the frame to finish up my friend's quilt. It is giving me some fits, so I need to spend some time talking nice to it so that I can get it completed. Then, I need to sandwich and decide how to quilt my pansies. More updates later this week....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drowning in Paper

I feel like it has been ages since I blogged, but I have been busy, busy. Our guild has a quilt show every other year and this is the year. I signed up to help with the show this year and took on the task of registration! It is a big task, but one that is perfect for me. Over the past two weeks, I have registered 360 quilts and am now tracking down about 20 people for missing information.

Once I get the reports sent out to other committee members and confirmation messages and letters mailed, I am free and clear until mid October. My house will be a drop off location for the quilts, and then I will deliver them for judging. The following weekend, Oct 24 & 25, is the quilt show. If you're in the area, I would love for you to come. I am planning to be there all day on Friday and some of the day on Saturday too, and I will have 5 items in the show. Saturday afternoon, there will be an auction of small quilts, and one of mine is in the auction. I am a little nervous about that and hope that it does well! We also have a raffle quilt that I am selling tickets for. It is a queen size batik in navy blue with bright stars all around it and is a really beautiful quilt. If you are interested in tickets, please let me know and I will hook you up! They are $1 each or 6 for $5.

So far this month, I have spent very little time in my sewing room...boo. I did get a fabric book put together last week for a 1-year old birthday party, but literally finished it right before we walked out the door and forgot to take a picture of it. I have also been working on a quilt on my frame. I am using my rulers for the first time and am having a good time with them. Hope to get that quilt done within the next week, so that I can start moving on to Christmas presents. I am only making a few this year, but I want to get going now so that I am not busy the week before Christmas : ).

Hope you're all getting more done than I am!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Accomplishments

My goals for August and my progress on them were:
- Finish and label Nick's quilt - finished but not labelled.
- Label and mail my Mystery Quilt Re-do, which is now a baby gift - labelled but not mailed!
- Make progress on some UFOs - finished the Moose wallhanging, Nick's quilt, a butterfly fling pillow for Jenna, and the Angel cross stitch. Completed the body of the pansy miniature.
- Start a couple Christmas/fall birthday gifts - no progress here....

- Get at least 2 quilts done on the HQ - one done, another loaded and about 1/2 way complete.

The things I didn't plan but got done:
- Made (with my mom), quilted, bound, and gifted a get well quilt for my cousin.
- Blocks for my bee-mate Kathy
- Birthday purse and matching coin pouch.

All in all a good month, 27 hours in total, which is my high for the year so far (except for when I went to retreat).

This month, I am working on registration for our guild quilt show (more to come on that), so don't know that I will have tons of time to sew, but I would still like to:
- Finish the pansy miniature
- Label Nick's quilt, and mail the Mystery Quilt/Baby Quilt
- Finish Suzie's quilt (which is now on my frame) and get another one loaded and done
- Really get going on Christmas/b-day presents...the holidays are going to sneak up on us before we know it!