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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

May Accomplishments and UFO Challenge

In the month of May, I didn't have lots of time in the sewing room due to a week of training at work and our family vacation. Even after arriving home, I didn't get much done. Even so, it was a good month. I spent 19.5 hours quilting and got the following done:
- Finished quilting and attached binding to Sara's quilt. I've spent the rest of the month tying off the ends of thread and now just need to sew down the binding and hanging sleeve.
- Finished B. Ferrier workshop quilt top and made binding for it.
- 6 log cabin blocks
- 2 woven star comfort quilt blocks
- Loaded and quilted my friend Lois' Trip Around the World quilt
- 1 buck-a-block
- Finished FQ quilt top and borders
- Finished piecing all the blocks for Five Easy Pieces

So, now I am going to participate in a UFO (unfinished fabric object) challenge with my online group over the summer. Part 1 of this challenge is to post your list of UFOs, so here's mine (including cross-stitch items as well):
  1. Holly Jolly Table Topper (needs to be quilted, bound)
  2. B. Ferrier workshop quilt (needs to be quilted, bound)
  3. Sara's quilt (finish hand sewing binding, hanger)
  4. Five easy pieces top (blocks complete, need to assemble, etc.)
  5. BOM quilt (10 of 12 blocks complete, need to do the rest and figure out how to assemble, etc.)
  6. Nick's Quilt of Valor (8 blocks made, need lots more, and then quilt, bind, etc.)
  7. Class project from last year's Machine Quilting class (finish quilting)
  8. Snow wall hanging from a make it and take it at least 2 years ago (assemble and quilt)
  9. Carol Doak BOMs from 2007-08 (make one or two more blocks, assemble, quilt, etc.)
  10. Stained Glass Log Cabin quilt (make a few more blocks, assemble, quilt, etc.)
  11. 1800's Cross stitch sampler (finish stitching and give to friend for framing)
  12. Angel cross stitch wall hanging (tack down hanger and put in pile of Christmas gifts for this year)
  13. Nephew Alex's cross stitch Christmas stocking (lots to go on this)
  14. Christmas house cross stitch (lots to go on this)
  15. Pie pin cushion from Jen from retreat (haven't touched it since I got home)
  16. Curvalishish quilt (finish blocks, quilt, etc.)
  17. Butterfly fling quilt (buy more backing, quilt, etc.)
  18. Pansy Garland paper pieced wall hanging (some fabric cut, barely started)
  19. Moose wall hanging (cross stitch done, need to fabric frame)
  20. Big baby star quilt top (needs quilting, etc.)
Wow, I didn't think my list would be that long. And that doesn't even include the things that I have all the stuff for but haven't started in any other way. I think it will be a busy summer...I know I won't get to all of these, but I will knock several of them off the list.

So, having said that, goals for June are:
- Finish Sara's quilt and give it to her.
- Finish B. Ferrier quilt and give it to guild for the quilt show small quilt auction.
- Quilt at least one thing on the HQ
- Make a new purse for Columbus NQA show

I think I will leave it at that and hope that any additional time gets sucked up by the ufos above!


Sara said...

Glad to see "Finish Sara's quilt" at top of the list ;)

Jen said...

You spent more time in yours than I did in mine!!

jillquilts said...

Great job on what you did manage to do in May! :) Wow! You have a ton of UFO's, too! I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone!

When are you going to Columbus? I'm going on a bus with my Guild on Saturday. Linda is going to with her other group of friends, but I will be buddy'ed up with Cathy.