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Friday, May 29, 2009

We interrupt this program...

For a little quilting progress...I will wrap up the vacation in a day or so. On Wednesday, I didn't really feel like quilting, but Jenna wanted to play in the basement and wanted me to come down. I told her I would so decided to load the bobbins for the quilt I am doing for a friend (the quilt was loaded before I went on vacation). Got three bobbins wound, and then decided I would adjust tension to get it right. Tension adjusted, I decided to do a pass just to get warmed up. I put the quilt on the frame long ways so that I would have fewer passes, and I was wiped out after two. I went back down tonight and finished the job.

I learned a lot while doing this quilt - it is the largest I've done so far. Probably the most surprising thing is that I needed to test the tension with each new bobbin, even though it was the same thread. Of the four bobbins I used, three were about the same, but one was off a little. I had to do a little ripping, but it didn't take too long.

So, to preface the pictures, I will tell you a little about this Trip Around the World. My friend Lois started it in the late 1960's ('67 or '68 I think) before rotary cutters, rulers, etc. She cut every square out of a template! She added the muslin border just before giving it to me and it has a big nine patch of random blue fabrics on the back.
I meandered in the middle, and did curvy things in the border to mirror (kind of) the squares. I used King Tut in the top - no thread breaks - love it - and Robison-Anton in the bobbin. The combination seemed to work pretty well. I hope that she likes it!

I am excited to do more sewing tomorrow, as my mom and I are headed south to Bloomington for a sewing day at Shiisa. I still have to decide what I am taking, so I guess I better go!


Trish said...

I always have to test the tension with every bobbin change, too. Even with prewound bobbins. That is a BIG quilt. I haven't done anything that large yet. Nice job.

jillquilts said...

Great job!!! I love the quilting that you did in the border. I also test the tension after every bobbin change. My theory - it's easier tp check a lot than to rip a little! :)