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Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Goal Review

For the last few years, I have posted quilting goals and I find them really helpful in keeping me on track with what I really want to accomplish. I think I did pretty well for 2011, and am looking forward to 2012. Here's the review of my 2011 goals. Later in the week, I will share my 2012 goals as they are still ruminating a bit.

2011 Goals: 
1. UFO Reduction - My goal was to reduce my list by at least 8 projects and I started with 21 projects. I ended the year with 14 UFOs so fell short by 2, but am really pleased with all I got done on the UFO front this year. I enjoyed participating in Judy Laquidara's and my bee's UFO challenges and I finished 8 of the Judy L. challenge items, and all 4 of the bee challenge items (although I did put the final stitches of the last one in the quilt tonight - I am counting it as done for this report!). 
2. Make a charity quilt - I really enjoyed using precut fabric for leader/enders and this quilt moved along really quickly. It is finished and in my sewing room awaiting a label so that I can donate it. 
3. Continue stashbusting and add pattern usage to my weekly reports -- Done, you can see my year-end report on both here
4. Work on Steve & Michelle's quilt - I asked the bee to make tree blocks for this quilt and I also did some work in EQ to figure out this one. Not as much as I'd like to have accomplished, so you will see this in my 2012 goals too!
5. Quilt 20 items on the HQ - not only did I hit this goal, but I also upgraded to a new machine. On both machines, I quilted 24 items this year. 
6. Make a QOV - this quilt has a specific recipient, and I am making good progress. All the blocks are ready to be put into a top and I plan to do that at my bee workday next Monday.
7. Make three projects from existing patterns or kits - Done - I completed my snap sack wall hanging, one hour baby blanket, and the top for the wonky trees
8. Finish at least four cross-stitch projects - Done - I finished 6 and made good progress on the biggie - the stocking for my nephew. I had to make a conscious effort to split my time between sewing and stitching to get this one finished and I am glad I did.  

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jillquilts said...

You did a great job on your goals!