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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Report

I know, it is already the middle of November, but I haven't yet posted my monthly recap (or the quilt show).  I was all ready to write a post about how October really wasn't a good month between quilt show, busy at work, and being the GS troop fall product sale coordinator, then I looked at my list of accomplishments, and guess what? I got a lot done! Here's the list: 

- Finished my Convergence top, which was my UFO for October. Still need to make a back and quilt it, but I am happy with the progress I made. 
- Made my Lovely bag which is intended to carry my computer but has only carried stuff to bee and guild so far. 
- Loaded and quilted my blue stars charity quilt. I have decided after using the panto "Sorrel" on two or three quilts that I really don't like it. I am looking to trade it for something else, at least 8" wide. There is nothing wrong with it, but it just isn't my style. If you have a panto you don't care for and would like to do a swap, let me know! 

- Finished my Halloween quilt in time for it to get into the show and on TV! 

- Made labels and sleeves for all my show quilts. 
- Bought fabric, quilted, bound, and gifted a baby quilt for my niece and nephew's baby shower. 
- Picked a jelly roll and sewed together my strips in preparation for the Jelly Roll challenge with my bee. 
- Made a quickie baby blanket for a co-worker's shower. 

I had 22.75 hours of quilting, plus three full days at the quilt show and it was one heck of a fun month. I hope November brings me just as much to blog about (if I can get on the ball and actually write up the posts)! 


Reenie said...

Impressive! That halloween quilt is so striking!

jillquilts said...

You got a ton done even with all the work that you put in on the show. Way to go!!