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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stash Report - Weeks 3 & 4 2012

I didn't post a stash report last week because I didn't really have much to share. This week, I added a little fabric, but I also have a finished top! Over the past two weeks, I used fabric by cutting out a few scrap bags for pet beds, and by adding two border to a quilt top. I had to buy the 2nd border - this quilt is for a guy friend of mine and all the possibilities I had were too floral to work well for him. I wound up finding a stripe on the sale rack last weekend and got the top finished this weekend. The pattern is called Rough Around the Edges and is from the 2011 Perfect for Pre-cuts magazine (borrowed from my mom). 

Fabric added last two weeks: 2 3/4 yards
Fabric used last two weeks: 3 3/4 yards

Fabric added year to date: 8 1/8 yards
Fabric used year to date: 5 3/4 yards

Net fabric used (added): (2 3/8 yards)

I will make up for my additions as soon as I make the back for this quilt! I also have a few projects on my to-do list for February that will use some stash, so hopefully by the end of next month, I will be in the positive! 

I am doing great on my pattern usage so far though -- 3 used and none added yet this year. At least something's going in the right direction! 


SpinningStar said...

Good looking quilt, especially for a guy.


Melanie said...

Great quilt! Good luck with your upcoming projects!