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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Accomplishments and some pictures

Last month was a great one for me - not only did I get to enjoy the holiday, but I also had a week off with the kids, three sewing days, and lots of energy to finish up projects - most of them before the last minute! Here's what I got done in my 37.75 hours of December sewing (which I believe is a record month for a non-retreat month). 

- Cut 12 bags for the local shelter. Our bee sewed them into bags and they were delivered to the shelter in mid-December, full of items for a new arrival. 
- Made back for, loaded, and quilted the comfort quilt for our bee mate Barbara. It was gifted to her at the annual bee holiday luncheon. ...And just realized I don't have a picture of it!
- Made Curvalishish binding, sewed one side by machine, and hand stitched three sides. 
- Made 1 pet scrap bed.
- Made show block for my mom and president's block for our guild's 2011 president. 
- Finished 4 tea towels (but only took a picture of 2, I guess!) and one on-the-go organizer for neighbor and teacher gifts.

- Loaded and quilted Lois' Indian Pottery wall hanging
- Fabric book for our neighbor Evan. 
- Put together the quilt top and back for my friend Michele's memory quilt. 
- Loaded and quilted a baby quilt for Terri D. 
- Made a pillowcase for Lois' Oriental Stars, and handed over that quilt and several others to her family. 
- Finished Great Mom cross stitch (and it is going to be a real toss-up whether I hang this in the kitchen or the bathroom!)
- Wonky Stars top
- Made stretching cat cross-stitch into a pillow/wall hanging for Jenna's new room. 
- Had a friend over and taught her how to quilt on my HQ and watched her complete her first machine quilted top. 
- Finished all the blocks for my QOV quilt. 
Wow, what a great month! It hardly seems like some of the things done early were in the same month. I have several quilts in the queue to quilt this month and a few projects that I want to keep making progress on, so I hope that January is a good month too, although with returning to work, I am sure it won't be quite as productive as December! 


CatQuilter said...

Wow! You sure got a lot done and over the holidays, too.

Regina said...

Wow! I find December a hard month to accomplish a lot -and you did MARVELOUS! Love your QOV - very striking.

jillquilts said...

Great month!! I need to get my list together and see how much I got done, but I don't think it's anywhere near what you did. :)