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Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Goals

It has taken me a while to get my goals for this year documented, because I have been waffling quite a bit. The past two years have been filled with UFOs for me - mine & Lois' - and, while I enjoy finishing a project any day, I am ready to move on from UFOs, at least a little. So, without further ado, here's what I am setting out to achieve this year: 

1. Balance starting new projects with completing UFOs by keeping my running list of UFOs steady at 15 or less. The only UFO I feel like I must finish this year is the cross stitch stocking for my nephew, as he is already 3! I am not going to join in with Judy's UFO challenge this year because I just wasn't feeling it. Instead, I plan to keep my UFO list from growing by setting this ceiling (let's see how that works!). 
2. Make another charity quilt with Lois' scraps. I really enjoyed this last year, and there are so many precut scraps that I can easily use them with a Bonnie Hunter pattern. 
3. Continue stashbusting and pattern tracking. I am going to give myself a bit of a break this year and not try to report every single week, especially if there is no change. Rather, I will report when I have something worthwhile to share. 
4. Make real progress on Steve and Michelle's quilt this year by making snowman blocks each month. I went through my mom's snowman patterns the other night and grabbed more than enough to be able to build my own block of the month. 
5. Quilt about 20 quilts on the Avante, and stretch myself on at least 2 of them (that means no allover/panto, but custom quilting). 
6. This one's the biggie for me, at least mentally. Move from my current sewing room to the basement and get settled into my new space. It is time for Jenna to have her own room, so I will be working toward packing much of the current stuff (read junk) in our storage rooms and moving my quilting paraphernalia down there. I am not sure how I will set it all up yet, or how it will work, but it will be the biggest change by far this year. 
7. Have some fun with my bee's PIG (Project in a Grocery Sack) challenge and work on 4 projects that have been in the queue for a while. We will run this challenge as we did our UFO challenge last year and will draw a number each quarter and work on that project. My projects are shown in the picture below and are: 

  1. Rolling Stones (top left from a magazine w/fabrics selected sometime in 2009)
  2. Sunflower from Sisters (kit on the top right, purchased in 2008)
  3. French Braid from Shipshewana (Oriental jelly roll + kit, bought in Sept 2010)
  4. Wonky Trees (a shop-made layer cake that I bought at the 2009 quilt show!)

I will keep the goals in my sidebar and will update them throughout the year. Hope you have plans for a fabulous year ahead too! 


jillquilts said...

Those are great goals! I can't wait for some action! lol

Cheryl Willis said...

you can Do It! One of my goals is to get moved to the basement too. Hubby is gone a couple of nights a week and i tend to bring things upstairs and am taking over the dining room, I really need to declutter and get to sewing back down stairs where I can spread out and not have to pick up unless I want too