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Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonky Trees

It is hard to believe that it is Monday and I actually have something to show on my design wall. This project is my project for my bee challenge this quarter. I got all the blocks done at this month's work day, and got them squared up last night. I am at least the third person in my bee to make this quilt and the first suggested offsetting the blocks rather than setting them straight. I like how hers looks, so am going with the same approach (I think that's what they call stealing shamelessly). I could use a little input though. Do you like the first or second version better? The difference is the use of all green fabrics on the "end caps" vs. using green and red. There will be a small containment border (either red or cream) and then an outer border of green with a little red it in and the red cornerstones.

Thanks for sharing your opinions :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday (no stash) Report

Since I haven't added or used any stash this week, I thought I would share updates on my sewing room move from upstairs to the basement. Friday night, I cleaned out the remaining odds and ends in the room and wound up with a nice recycling pile and a few things that never belonged in my sewing room! Mike got the cutting table taken apart, moved, and reassembled last weekend, so I am really ready to go in the new area. I think I am going to call it my basement studio....seems a little more appropriate since I don't have a door ;)
From the bottom of the stairs looking left - cutting table at the far end under the window.
From the cutting table. Must get stuff up on the walls soon!

Jenna continues her excitement to move into her own room. She tells me that bedtime will be the best since Jack won't talk to her and bother her when she's trying to go to sleep. Truth be told, she's the talker half the time, and I won't be surprised to find them out in the hallway whispering to each other! We went to the hardware store yesterday and she picked out Sweet Illusion, a nice shade of very light pink. It was hysterical to watch her, because she walked right up to the wall with about 500 paint chip cards, pointed to a specific one, and said "That's the color I want." I couldn't believe she was so decisive so quickly! 
The paint crew hard at work.
It is a fairly small room, so with their crew of 3, the first coat should be done today and maybe even the second. Mike is great at painting and teaching them how to paint, so if you don't mind, I am going to sneak down and quilt that lap quilt that is waiting for me on the machine. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Workshop Review

This month's visiting teacher to our guild was Wendy Butler-Berns. I knew from early last year that I wanted to take one of Wendy's classes, and I was able to be the guild hostess for the Saturday class, a block design workshop. I also attended Wendy's lecture on Thursday night and she was really friendly, entertaining, and down to earth. Wendy shared a preview of the class during the lecture and covered a few high level elements of design. She also showed some great quilts. 
On Saturday, I picked her up in the morning and helped her get set up - it was really fun to lay so many of her quilts out across the tables and have a chance to look at them up close. We started the day with lecture that included examples of each of the design principles and elements that she talked about. Then, we dipped our toe into the design waters and started by drawing lines on a piece of paper - straight or curvy - from one to "as many as you want." After that exercise, we moved on to block design. She gave us graph paper and we use lines again to create a block from a one inch square. I experimented with 2 and 3 lines per block and a mix of straight and curvy lines. Once we decided on a design we liked, then we repeated that one several times and played with the possible color variations (using just light, medium, and dark). Once again, we chose our favorite, and then enlarged it to two inches. At that size, we created templates and selected and cut fabric to glue onto the grid. I decided to go with a monochromatic design and picked several greens to work with in light, med, and dark. 

After gluing all the fabrics down, I cut apart the blocks and started playing with direction. The design I liked best was a tessellating design and this is how I will sew them together. 
Here is a picture of what Janet, who did programs with me a couple years ago, came up with. She had enough of her fabrics to use the same of each throughout and her orange color is all one piece of fabric.  
I should have taken more pictures of the other designs, but I guess I was busy between packing up my own stuff and helping Wendy. I did get a picture of Wendy's class samples though - you can tell she's been doing this a little longer - don't you love the ones with the curvy edges? 
Overall, I was really pleased with the class. I hope it will help push me into doing a little of my own designing, even if just on a really small scale. If you are intrigued by what I showed, you can take the same class or another one by her on Craftsy. If you link to it from her website, I think you can get a discounted class fee too. 

Hope you enjoyed this short review - I will try to continue to share when I have the chance to attend a workshop. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

April Happenings

I figure since it is almost the middle of May that it is high time to share my finished projects from April. It was a good month, even though I didn't spend a ton of time sewing. With beautiful weather and an early spring, I spent more time than usual outside and less evenings at the sewing machine. I still got in 12 hours and accomplished the following: 

- Finished my Sunflowers quilt, my first quarter challenge quilt. 
- Went to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati with Jill, and had the fun of seeing her quilt on display! 
- Selected fabrics, cut, and fused 2 snowman blocks
- Cut backings and borders for two charity quilts, quilted both and machine bound one. 
- Cut a kit to make a quilt as a present. 
- Loaded and quilted the snowman quilt for my mom, who gave it to my SIL
- Finished detail stitching, assembly, and sewed on buttons for my firecracker pillow

The big plans for May have already been revealed, so I don't have a lot of lofty goals for sewing. I mainly want to make sure I can be out of the upstairs room and start getting myself organized downstairs so I can sew when I want to. 

Hope you had a great April and are enjoying May so far. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stash Report & Workday Projects

I guess I haven't done a stash report for a few weeks...but there really isn't that much to report. I have used 1/5 yards over the last three weeks, as most of my time has been spent on moving sewing room stuff to my new area rather than actually sewing. 

Here's the quick stash report, then we'll move on to some eye candy. 
Fabric used last three weeks: 1 yard
Fabric added last three weeks: 0 yards

Fabric used year to date: 26 1/2 yards
Fabric added year to date: 14 5/8 yards
Net fabric used: 11 1/8 yards

Now on to the fun stuff. Monday was my bee work day and I decided to focus on my 2nd quarter project for our bee challenge - a wonky tree quilt that will be a wall quilt during the Christmas holidays. I was happy to get all the blocks done during work day. When I finish adding borders to my current project, I will get back to putting this into a top. I am hoping it won't take too long to assemble and get bordered so that I can not only have the top done, but also get it quilted before the end of June. I am really looking forward to having another Christmas quilt to decorate with this year.
Also in progress at work day this week....

Mom worked on her 2nd quarter project - flannel applique to make a wall quilt. 
Barbara was paper piecing stars.
Julie made a pea...not really, it will become a large pincushion and will be embellished with all kinds of flowers. 
Pam paper pieced x blocks. 
Kathy showed off two finished quilt tops. 
There were a couple others there, but I didn't get pictures of their projects. Our day was a little shorter than usual, but Jack and I still had a great time and I got a whole set of blocks done! Have I ever mentioned how much I like my bee workday? 

Hope you had a great week and happy mothers day to all the moms, aunts, grandmas, etc. out there. Hope you are doing just what you want today. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making the big move

I started Monday night...just out of the blue started picking things up and moving them from my upstairs sewing room to the basement. And, after 1 or 2 loads, thought it wouldn't take long at all. Guess what? I have a ton of stuff crammed into that little room! 
The piles of stuff from the cutting table drawers and a few other odds and ends left in the room.
I have been moving things down all week and the room is about 75% cleared out. The only piece of furniture that remains is the cutting table, which is 32" wide, is a challenge since the door is only 29" wide. Mike will work on the dis-assembly and reassembly this week. Everything else has gone down pretty well and I am starting to get things set up. I haven't sewn a stitch yet, but I think I am getting close. The biggest challenge right now is that my iron and cutting table are upstairs and everything else is downstairs. That's one way to get in exercise! 
One of several areas with bags and boxes filled with stuff! The table fits in nicely  at the end of the room by the HQ.

I can't tell you how stinking excited Jenna is to have her own room - she has been a good helper and is planning out where everything of hers will go....just don't let her peek in the closet, where I haven't even started! 
Larger design wall, sewing table and chair. I will have a shelf and hanging rack on the wall next to my chair.