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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday (no stash) Report

Since I haven't added or used any stash this week, I thought I would share updates on my sewing room move from upstairs to the basement. Friday night, I cleaned out the remaining odds and ends in the room and wound up with a nice recycling pile and a few things that never belonged in my sewing room! Mike got the cutting table taken apart, moved, and reassembled last weekend, so I am really ready to go in the new area. I think I am going to call it my basement studio....seems a little more appropriate since I don't have a door ;)
From the bottom of the stairs looking left - cutting table at the far end under the window.
From the cutting table. Must get stuff up on the walls soon!

Jenna continues her excitement to move into her own room. She tells me that bedtime will be the best since Jack won't talk to her and bother her when she's trying to go to sleep. Truth be told, she's the talker half the time, and I won't be surprised to find them out in the hallway whispering to each other! We went to the hardware store yesterday and she picked out Sweet Illusion, a nice shade of very light pink. It was hysterical to watch her, because she walked right up to the wall with about 500 paint chip cards, pointed to a specific one, and said "That's the color I want." I couldn't believe she was so decisive so quickly! 
The paint crew hard at work.
It is a fairly small room, so with their crew of 3, the first coat should be done today and maybe even the second. Mike is great at painting and teaching them how to paint, so if you don't mind, I am going to sneak down and quilt that lap quilt that is waiting for me on the machine. 


Dar said...

What a cute picture and memory for later. Hope you got your lap quilt done. By now the room upstairs should be pink and all finished, right?
Your basement studio looks cheerful and so clean. Wish mine did.!

jillquilts said...

Way to go!! I wish that I had Jenna's decisiveness when I was picking out my paint! lol