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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making the big move

I started Monday night...just out of the blue started picking things up and moving them from my upstairs sewing room to the basement. And, after 1 or 2 loads, thought it wouldn't take long at all. Guess what? I have a ton of stuff crammed into that little room! 
The piles of stuff from the cutting table drawers and a few other odds and ends left in the room.
I have been moving things down all week and the room is about 75% cleared out. The only piece of furniture that remains is the cutting table, which is 32" wide, is a challenge since the door is only 29" wide. Mike will work on the dis-assembly and reassembly this week. Everything else has gone down pretty well and I am starting to get things set up. I haven't sewn a stitch yet, but I think I am getting close. The biggest challenge right now is that my iron and cutting table are upstairs and everything else is downstairs. That's one way to get in exercise! 
One of several areas with bags and boxes filled with stuff! The table fits in nicely  at the end of the room by the HQ.

I can't tell you how stinking excited Jenna is to have her own room - she has been a good helper and is planning out where everything of hers will go....just don't let her peek in the closet, where I haven't even started! 
Larger design wall, sewing table and chair. I will have a shelf and hanging rack on the wall next to my chair. 


jillquilts said...

OH, this is where you have been all week! ;)

What part of the basement is this in? I'm guessing that all of the sewing stuff is at the bottom of the stairs where the old machine was set up? The bonus about moving is that you get to reorganize everything and remember all that you have! lol

Good luck!

Mary said...

Your basement looks like it is fairly nicely finished. Mine isn't and I have always hated basements. I am claustrophobic. So, I like the trips back upstairs from the quilting machine to the sewing room.

Glad you are getting a space you like and your daughter is getting her own room.

Cheryl Willis said...

I have been trying to move to the basement for years- lol
I have taken over about half of it but still keep bringing project up to work on at the kitchen table.
Finally this weekend we move the 'sewing' room around and it feels like a space I can work in. For the first time in 16 yrs there is not a machine or pile of fabric upstairs! wonder how long that will last- lol

Gari said...

How exciting. And what a great big design wall= envy.

Dar said...

Your new "sewing studio" looks wonderful. Lots of room and a great design wall area. You will be able to re-organize all your sewing stuff and "find" those lost things!!