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Monday, May 14, 2012

April Happenings

I figure since it is almost the middle of May that it is high time to share my finished projects from April. It was a good month, even though I didn't spend a ton of time sewing. With beautiful weather and an early spring, I spent more time than usual outside and less evenings at the sewing machine. I still got in 12 hours and accomplished the following: 

- Finished my Sunflowers quilt, my first quarter challenge quilt. 
- Went to the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati with Jill, and had the fun of seeing her quilt on display! 
- Selected fabrics, cut, and fused 2 snowman blocks
- Cut backings and borders for two charity quilts, quilted both and machine bound one. 
- Cut a kit to make a quilt as a present. 
- Loaded and quilted the snowman quilt for my mom, who gave it to my SIL
- Finished detail stitching, assembly, and sewed on buttons for my firecracker pillow

The big plans for May have already been revealed, so I don't have a lot of lofty goals for sewing. I mainly want to make sure I can be out of the upstairs room and start getting myself organized downstairs so I can sew when I want to. 

Hope you had a great April and are enjoying May so far. 


Dar said...

I'd say you accomplished quite a lot in April. Wish I had a list that long of my projects.! Give yourself a treat for doing so much -- chocolate always works for me. :)

jillquilts said...

And another great month was had! lol