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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

August Review

August was a great month for my quilting hobby/habit/addiction. I made time to get in my studio/basement and make some good progress on projects. Here's what happened: 
- Finished my Wendy Butler-Berns workshop project

- Finished piecing my red and white snowball quilt top
- Made backs for donation quilt and service quilt and also binding for service quilt
- Cut out and started assembling my Oriental French Braid top
- Made shirt and got it almost done - just need to hem it
- Quilted and attached binding to Cherish Nature panel
- Loaded, quilted, and bound top for charity
- Quilted two halloween table runners 
- Spent a total of 28 1/4 hours piecing/quilting/binding

Sorry for the lack of pictures on everything. I will take more as I finish bindings. More progress to come this month and I wrap up my 5 weeks to quilt 4 tops (spoiler alert - I did it!). 

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jillquilts said...

Way to go on the goal of quilting! I need to get the customer quilts done that I have and work on the baby quilt. Congrats on a great month!