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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympic Achievements

I made good use of my sewing time during the Olympics, especially during the last weekend. I had one project that I brought up to work on - a UFO that I started cutting out during the Vancouver Olympics two years ago. If you've been reading for a while, you've seen bits and pieces of it along the way - it is my red and white snowball quilt that started as a fabric exchange hosted by Nicole from Sister's Choice. We each had 4 or 5 people to swap with and send them strips of the cream fabrics. 

When I started sewing last week, I had one set of snowballs to finish and then the end pieces, which are 1/3 of each snowball. By Saturday night, I had all the components ready. 
Once they were all ready, I couldn't resist laying it out on the floor of my living room. And once they were all laid out, I couldn't resist starting to sew them together. I finally went to bed, but didn't want to pick it up, so my family had to tiptoe around them all day Sunday. I worked more on Sunday, but didn't get it finished up until Monday night. I waited until this morning to take a picture in the good light. 
I decided I am going to name this quilt "From Vancouver to London." I will make a back and hang it up to go into the queue for quilting. 

Speaking of the quilting queue, it keeps growing. So, now that I am moving back downstairs and not leaving the tv on all day, I need to set a little goal for myself to start to move through some of said queue. My goal is to quilt 4 things (I have tops and table runners in the queue) in the next 5 weeks. If I can keep up that pace, I should have plenty of binding to do by the time the new tv season starts ;)


Regina said...

Love this one!!! And the name is perfect!

Beth said...

Love it! And it's a good thing Evan didn't come over this weekend! I doubt he would have tiptoed around it.

Dar said...

One stunning quilt top. Love the reds and whites.

Reenie said...

How can such a simple pattern be so fabulous??? LOVE this! My pile of things to be quilted is growing, also. Hope to be able to start doing some of them next week!

jillquilts said...

Great name! And the quilt top is stunning!!