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Friday, April 2, 2010

March in Review

Despite a crazy busy month at work, and two floods in our basement during the month of March (as I write this post, I am having three new sump pumps installed!), I managed to find some respite in my sewing room.

I started the month getting inspired at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show and cleaning my main machine, then got going on some other projects:
- Pink Pillowcase for the challenge
- Quilted and attached binding on the snap sack table runner that I pieced in December
- Finished binding mystery quilt #1
- Quilted and bound Curtis' quilt
- Small snap happy bag
- Made 4 scrap bags to fill and pass on to the Humane Society
- Cut and fused my January and February Snowbound BOM blocks
- Loaded and quilted my friend Kathy's QOV
- Pieced a second bucket filling quilt
- Pieced Lois' Irish Chain top

It was a good month, and I rallied in the last week to total 19 hours in the sewing room. Lots on deck for the month of April. Judy Laquidara is visiting our guild next week and I will be hosting one of her workshops. Mom and I are trying to develop a plan B for our retreat in the middle of April since the one we were supposed to go to has gotten rescheduled. And, my brother and his family surprised us all and came into town for the Easter weekend. Even so, I have a few goals for April:
- Finish my Snap Happy Tote/Purse
- Finish the second bucket filling quilt
- Cut and finish a baby blanket for my friend whose daughter is almost 1!
- Cut the fabric for a quilt top for my mother in law
If we get to retreat, I should get a lot more than that done....cross your fingers for me that we can come up with a good alternate plan!


jillquilts said...

OH I totally feel for you about the water issues!!! I had one or 2 bouts with it since I have lived here and I'm very lucky that my neighbors had worse issues and he installed a top of the line sump pump on our common wall! I really have to make them a quilt! :)

You got tons done!!! Woo hoo!!!

What a total bummer about the retreat! I hope that you and your mom can find some place to retreat! I'm still planning on taking the Friday off to retreat at home that weekend. ;)

Gari said...

The last couple of years my "to do" lists were about the same as yours. However, this year I am lucky to have even one finish each month. I must get on the stick.