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Monday, April 6, 2009

March Accomplishments and a sneaky picture

I was about to blog about the sneaky picture when I realized that I hadn't posted my accomplishments/goals for March/April.

March accomplishments - I spent 20.25 hours quilting this month, 7 of which were in/related to the Beth Ferrier class that I took (and loved, by the way!). The projects I completed:
- Baby blanket for my friend's little boy (not sent yet, so no picture to show yet)
- Wedgie placemat for Jack (no picture as it is in bad need of a wash...he has been using it since the day I made it and it is a mess of milk/applesauce/spaghetti sauce)
- Mississippi block for my mom for our Block Builder's Bee (just realized I didn't get a picture of this either....I've been slacking - mom, will you send one to me?)
- Attached and hand stitched binding on Mystery Quilt re-do, which will be a baby present in a few months.
- Got back my Red White and Blue lottery quilt from my friend who stitched the binding in exchange for some quilting I am going to do for her.
- Worked and worked and worked at completing my fat quarter quilt, but fell two rows short of getting it done in March :(
- Met Jill and did a little shopping on the trip to Cincinnati.

Goals for April -
- Have a blast at the St. Jude's quilt retreat the last weekend of the month! Oh, and it would be great to put a top together while I am there.
- Complete piecing for fat quarter quilt (already done!).
- Easter Egg table runner.
- Make about 18-20 gifties for my fellow retreaters.
- Cut a kit or two to be ready to sew at retreat.

Ok, so now comes the sneaky picture. I was talking to my mom the other day about a fellow quilter who shows us just about every stinking step of progress on her quilts (here's the fabric I picked to make this pattern, here's the completed top, here's the top with borders, here's the quilted top, here's the quilted top with the binding on but not sewn down, here's the finished quilt) and seeking ooh's and aah's every time. By the time you see the finished product, it feels like you've already seen it several times and there is no "wow" moment. So, in light of that, I am going to try not to show every step of my progress on my blog so that there will be a wow moment....or if not a wow moment, you can at least say "hmmm.....that's an interesting quilt!"

So, this week I am trying to finish up my Easter Egg table runner. My mom gave it to me a couple years ago for Christmas or a birthday. I started the cutting on it last August, but my machine had a hiccup when I was at a work day and I stopped. Picked it back up early this year with hopes of finishing it be Easter, and I just might get there! It is quilt as you go, and you make a big rectangle, then cut the egg out of the middle....so here's the leftovers! I got the binding cut and sewed on tonight and hope to stitch it by hand tomorrow night while watching TV. I will post a pic when it is done!

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jillquilts said...

Ohhh, I can't wait to see the finish! And you got a lot done in March! Way to go!!!