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Monday, February 2, 2009

January Accomplishments

This will be a quickie post with more promised later this week....lots of good stuff going on in Feb already!

I started off sailing in January with the excitement of putting together and then quilting a quick project on my HQ 16. After that project was done, I feel like I just piddled around for the rest of the month. I had lots of hours in my sewing room, but I can't really see that I accomplished a lot for it. Much of my time this month was spent on the selection/cutting/replacement/seam ripping/construction of the cat blocks. All in all, my total for the month was 21 hours! I was even surprised when I added it all up. Here's what I got done:
  • Valentines Wall Quilt - pieced, quilted on HQ16, bound, and hung in the living room!
  • 2 Cat blocks for Barbara
  • 2 State blocks for Mom, winner of the monthly Quilting in Indiana block lottery
  • 2 Dog blocks (I had to balance out the cat blocks)...what I will do with these is yet to be determined! Oh, and they still need eyes...am going to raid mom's button jar later this week.

  • 2 Thangles Buck-a-Blocks (didn't take a picture of these...you'll see them all someday when I have a set of 12)
  • Dog bed for Humane Society donation
  • Hand sewed hanging sleeve on Do You See What I See (ok, just realized I haven't even taken a picture of it and it is too dark now to get a good picture, so will post that soon.)

I also went on one small shop hop with my mom to Ady's and Shiisa and spent very little. Got some backing fabric at Ady's and a couple FQs and a book at Shiisa. Had a great day that day tooling around the state with mom and the kids. Oh, and I posted 10 times this month on my blog, which is more than I've ever done in a month. I am trying to post more often so that it doesn't seem so daunting to update it when I finally get around to it! We'll see how that goes this month.

Goals for February are going to be light. I want a little freedom to work on things that inspire me this month.

  • Finish a UFO - haven't decided which one, but would like to get one of them taken care of.
  • Blocks for bee and Quilters in Indiana lottery
  • Catch up on baby presents - three to complete and more babies due this month! I'd like to get at least the three that are already here their presents.

I also have a couple friends who are bringing me quilts for the HQ16 so that I can practice on them. I am going to stay with meandering or loops, but hope that I can get some time on the HQ this month too.

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mochagirl said...

the dog blocks are really cute!