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Monday, January 19, 2009

Lottery Blocks

I am back in the quilting groove again. I was able to get into my sewing room last night after an early bedtime for the kids, and again tonight after the same scene repeated itself (sweet!). One of the swaps that I participate in on my Quilting in Indiana group is called a block lottery. It started last year and to begin, everyone made the same block in Christmas colors - here is mine:
We sent them all to the hostess and then she picked a name out of the hat and that person became the winner of the block lottery for the following month. The winner then posts on the group which block she wants and in what color/style. I made most of the blocks last year and really enjoy doing it to expand my skill set and try some new things...most of these are blocks I wouldn't pick to do myself, but after I make them I often like them far more than I thought I would! I was very lucky last year to win the lottery in only the second or third month. I chose a very simple pattern and received something like 30 blocks. It was great fun and you can see a picture of what I did with them here (and I am currently working on binding that quilt...with hopes to have it completed soon).

My mom won the lottery in December, so got to name the blocks for January. She asked everyone to make state blocks on muslin to commemorate their favorite states. I decided to make New Jersey (in red below) and Michigan (the blue one). New Jersey was an easy choice because it is my mom's birth state and I had many wonderful trips there to visit my grandmother while growing up. It is really a beautiful state and I especially like the city she lived in, Budd Lake. There is the best pizza place in the world there...but I digress. I chose Michigan because it is where I went for college and during my four years there, I fell in love with the state. I wouldn't mind going back there to live someday, especially if I could live on one of the Great Lakes.

Next items on my list: the 2nd cat block for Barbara in my bee, and finishing the binding on my red, white, and blue quilt. More to come later this week (hopefully!).

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