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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June 2015 Accomplishments

June was a fun month in our house as we ended a school year and the kids started some new summer camps. I am glad to report that everyone enjoyed where they were despite some rain. I also accepted a new position at work, so I was busy wrapping up my old job to get ready for the new one at the end of the month.  The exciting news is that the new job will come with some travel (in the US), which I am looking forward to in August (I may not be as excited once I've done the 5:50 am flight a few times!). 

In June, most of my sewing happened during the weekends, but I am pleased with what I got done: 
- Made two zip bags for our guild shop at the semiannual quilt show (coming up this October!)
- Finished teacher gifts - a quilt for my daughter's teacher, a fabric bowl for my son's teacher, and a fabric box for the bus driver. (and all before school got out!) 
- Made orange and teal-blue string blocks
- Made 2 trip around the world blocks for Diana's Golden Needle
- I also continued to work on my applique Christmas quilt, which I haven't taken a picture of recently - I think I will hold this one for the final reveal when I get the top done. I am getting some good practice with my Scan'n Cut machine with this one, as there are lots of pieces! 

In my stitching adventures, I finished two kits: 
- Firenze stamped cross-stitch
- Alphabet Sampler embroidery

My list for July is fairly short - I want to get one project done - no specificity on which one, but one of my kits. I have three in progress, so there are a lot to choose from! 

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Carol said...

Your new job sounds like fun with the travel possibilities, Jennifer--congratulations!! Luckily, stitching is so portable that you can take small projects with you :)