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Sunday, September 7, 2014

August Accomplishments and Four Goals

August was a great month, but I didn't really spend a whole lot of time sewing.  It seems these days that most of my sewing is done on weekends or Mondays (my normal day off), but I went to China for work in August, so that chewed up two weekends - one for travel and one for jet lag.  I did stick to my list for the most part and here's the progress I made on my four goals: 

1. Frame/Finish another cross-stitch - done - here is a quick picture, but I will do another post with a full review. 

2. Get to 6 finished snowmen for the snowman quilt - I got to 5 finished snowmen with some fusing, button hole stitching, and hand sewing. 

3. Cut out a project to work on at work day/retreat - done - I cut out a hunter's star pattern that I've wanted to make for a while
4. Quilt a UFO - nope, didn't get this one done, but I did get the back made for the next quilt on my list. 

Here's the full (short) list of accomplishments for August: 
- Made another snowman to bring the group to 5 (picture above)
- Cut out and made a test block for hunter's star quilt
- Quilted blue and yellow top for my mom
- Made quilt back for the next UFO to be quilted
- Made flat fold for cross-stitch (picture above)

I know that September is going to be a pretty busy month for us too - and it seems like we have something almost each weekend, so I might need to get a little better about sewing a little bit during the week.  My goals for September are: 
1. Quilt my UFO that is hanging on the frame
2. Cut out a quilt with my Quick Curve Ruler
3. Finish baby blanket
4. Sew buttons and findings on all my "almost finished" cross stitch projects. 

Hope you had a good August and are enjoying September so far - it is beautiful here today with cooler, dry weather and we are enjoying having the windows open! 

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