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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Four Goals - March 2014

The goals I set in March were focused on helping me get some quilting done and also making sure I didn't linger with any UFOs. I did fairly well on them.  Here's the report: 

1. Finish the purse I started at retreat - this is the one I didn't do well on - I didn't even touch this after I got home from retreat except to move it around the cutting table a few times. 
2. Finish the quilt on the frame - done, and blogged here
3. Quilt a UFO or the Catvent quilt (which will become a UFO if I don't get it done soon!) - I quilted the Catvent quilt and blogged about it here
4. Quilt my friend Kathy's Crossroads top - done - finished on the 30th! I still need to blog about this one. 

For April, my goals are: 
1. Finish the purse I started at retreat
2. Make baby quilt #1 for adopted baby boy who has just arrived
3. Make baby quilt #2, which is a commission quilt for a former teacher
4. Quilt a UFO

I have several other things I want to make progress on in April, so we'll see how I do! Our bee workday is Monday, and I am already packed up for it with none of the projects listed above in the bag! 

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Regina said...

lol on the pushing the project around the table. I pulled out one that I "started" in 2008 (well - didn't start sewing until probably 2010 but still).... getting closer!!!