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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quilt #3 2014 - Barbara's Batik

Quilt #3 is one from my quilt friend Barbara. She does really great work, and this top is no exception. It is almost all batiks, with a batik back. I usually pair batik tops with cotton backs, because I have heard about all kinds of trouble people have with tension and/or thread breaks when working with batik on both sides. I am glad to report that I didn't have any problems. 
Finished top
I quilted it with the Linna's Charm panto, I used a variegated Lava in the top and green Bottom Line in the bobbin, and all was going along smoothly until the third pass. When I went to roll the quilt for the next pass, it was lumpy and uneven on the left side, and I found that I had quilted a huge tuck in the back. Ugh! It took me as long to rip it out as it did to quilt the two rows that caused the tuck.  Once I got it ripped out, I stabilized the back a little better and got going again. I was able to finish the quilting without any more issues, after taking a break for about a week!
Panto close-up
I was glad to get it back to Barbara and get a nice email back from her that she loved it! She even gave me another one when I brought it back to her - she does a good job keeping me busy :) 

Next up is Jenna's cat quilt! 


Regina said...

Beautiful top! Can't wait to see how the cat quilt turns out. I think Nathan is doing another 3 seams on his quilt today - he's "pacing himself"

Moneik said...

I almost always do batiks on both sides and have no troubles. I think a top-stitch needle is essential to piercing through all the layers. I hate having to rip. I had about 2 foot of both of the last two quilts I had to rip out, both for bad tension after changing the bobbin. At least with bad tension, it pulls out fairly easily, but still a PITA.