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Monday, July 1, 2013

The month of not much

For each month so far this year, I've written three separate posts at the beginning of the month to share my sewing/quilting accomplishments, my cookbook challenge results, and my "four things" progress since there was typically enough content to justify different posts. Not so much for June, so let's recap the slow, lazy month. 

Down in the studio, I only had 5 3/4 hours of sewing this month - I think that's a new low. I don't really have much of an excuse - except for the week in Peru - but I just wasn't feeling it this month. 

I worked on my four goals for the month, but only got one of them done - I quilted a Christmas quilt for my mom. I got one of my giveaway bags put together, but it didn't look good, so I am taking some time to rework the pattern before I sew the other one together and I will figure out something else for the first one (don't worry Beth and Regina - I will get them to you!). I did get a little quilting inspiration after a guild lecture by Jacquie Gering and finally started quilting my rolling stones mini. After looking at it for ages, I decided to do some straight line quilting on my Janome. The quilting is about 1/2 done. 

On the cooking front, I picked Rachael Ray's Just in Time! cookbook for the month. Her claim is 30 minute meals. 
I started off the month okay with Shrimp Scampi Verde, which took about 40 minutes to make.  It was good, but took a lot of work to make - I would probably return to last month's shrimp/fettuccine recipe before I did this one again. 
After that, I just couldn't find any recipes that I really wanted to make. The first reason is that her list of ingredients is really long and every recipe had a couple ingredients that I wouldn't normally use, so I couldn't just wing it. The second reason is that a lot of these meals are heartier and just didn't fit with the warm weather of summer.  The third reason is that it was all full meals - no side dishes, appetizers, or desserts. I am realizing that I like that flexibility. I may try this cookbook again in the fall - if not, it will be headed to Half Price Books - no reason to keep one that I am not going to use!  I am hoping for better luck this month and have picked a barbecue cookbook - no better time than summer to get some good use from the grill. 

At least I did make progress on a couple stitching projects this month - I even finished one! I am going to continue with the stitching and I will return to the sewing when the desire strikes.  I am going to think about my four goals for July for a day or so and will post them when I've decided what they should be - maybe the first one should just be doing a little sewing! 

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