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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Four Things - May 2013

Remember last month, when I did so well on my four things?  Well, this month wasn't the same story.  I thought about them all a lot but didn't make much actual progress. 

Here's the list of things I wanted to get done in May: 
1. Make a new purse - didn't even touch it. I have some fabric chosen, and had a pattern picked out, but am wavering on both. 
2. Quilt one of my UFOs - either a mini or a big top - Got this finished yesterday.  I did spend a fair amount of the month with a quilt on the frame for my mom, and as the end of the month neared, I knew I wanted to get at least this goal finished! I quilted this with big stippling and used King Tut thread on the top and a thread from Lois' stash in the bobbin - I think it's star thread, but not positive. They worked well together and it quilted up quickly. Now I need to audition bindings - I am leaning toward a purple or a green because those colors are in most of the scraps. 
3. Make the giveaway for my 500th post - I picked out fabrics (I already knew which pattern I was making) and I got them pressed and started cutting. Hoping to make more progress on these this weekend. 
4. Get back to work on my paper pieced sunrise over the mountain top - didn't even touch it. At the least, I could have printed the foundation papers...but oh, well. It will still be waiting for me when I am ready to start working on it again. 

The UFO I quilted - a donation quilt for the ALS Hopes and Dreams challenge.
(Bonnie Hunter's Bricks and Stepping Stones pattern)

So, for June I have another list and will see how far I get on this one. I have a work trip and will be gone for a week, but still hope to make a little progress. 

1. Make a new purse (I am planning to keep this on until I do it!)
2. Quilt 1 or maybe 2 tops for my mom. 
3. Quilt one of my mini quilts that is on my design wall - either Rolling Stones or the Christmas mini
4. Finish and mail the giveaway prizes. 

Hope you got more done than I did!  At least I had a good month for my cooking challenge - pictures and report on that coming soon! 


Regina said...

OOhh - I like the bricks and stepping stones with the light colored stones like that - very nice.

Karen said...

Nice variation on Bonnie's pattern. That one is in my future too.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Getting anything accomplished makes for a great month! :)