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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Travels, a finish, and time for some reading

 I spent the last week in Lima, Peru on a business trip. It was my first trip to South America and I was a little nervous as I boarded the plane with my limited knowledge of Spanish and Peruvian culture. All turned out well and I had a good week of meetings, amazing food, and a little sightseeing at the end.
The Peruvians I met were all very nice and the culture of their country is very interesting - a mix of native people, Spaniards, Chinese, and Japanese make up the country. The city of Lima, with 8 million people, is full of traffic, shopping, and crime as well, which limited my mobility a bit. I did get to a couple museums and went on 2 1/2 day trips to see the city and some nearby ruins, but there is more I would like to have explored. 
I only saw a very small part of the country and would really like to return in the future to see more and visit Machu Picchu. 

With 4 flights and about 18 hours on the plane, I had time to finish a cross stitch project and a book! The project has been a work in progress for a while - I usually take it over to my neighbor's house when we stitch and watch TV. It is a Mill Hill kit called Paisley Pumpkin. 

The book I finished was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It is a two-story plot line and I really only cared about one of the stories. When that was resolved with 150 pages remaining, I lost most of my interest in it but I did finish it before getting on the plane yesterday. I don't think I have enough interest in it to read the next two in the series. I started Whiskey Island by Emilie Richards while I waited in the airport. I am already 200 pages into it and am enjoying it far better. 

Once I get caught up on sleep, I plan to spend some time in the sewing room to finish up a couple things I left half done last week. Off now to spend some time with my husband, who did a great job this week keeping all the kid activities straight and the house fairly clean :)


Dar said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience in Peru. I envy your being able to see new places and cultures, although the flying part does not sound like my cup of tea anymore. Glad you shared some of your experience. Your husband is a trooper to take on while you were gone. Give him extra hugs for this!!

Karen said...

Wow, you get to go to some interesting places. How fun!