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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Four Goals - February 2013

Well, it's time to report on how well I did on my January goals and to set the four sewing goals for February. 

January didn't turn out so well. My list was: 
1. Add borders, make back and binding for Jelly Roll quilt (if I get it on the frame and quilted, that will be a bonus). I added the borders, but nothing else. 
2. Finish Easy Street Mystery Quilt top - the last clue was released today, so now I have lots of blocks to assemble. I got all the blocks made and started assembly
3. Quilt my Rolling Stones mini quilt. I started this one at retreat in October and it is basted and ready to be quilted. I stared at this on my design wall all month, but never took it off to quilt it. 
4. Load and quilt a top for a friend in my bee and get it back to her. Oh, oh, this one I did! 

Double loops in the middle with silver Bottom Line thread throughout.
A little hard to see - leaves that pivot off each other.
The finished quilting job.

So, 1 and two 1/2s out of 4 isn't bad, right? It makes the list for February a lot easier to make! 

1. Make back and binding for - and quilt - Jelly Roll Quilt
2. Finish Easy Street Mystery Quilt top
3. Quilt my rolling stones mini quilt
4. Pre-cut a project for the March retreat and print out paper piecing patterns for two more wall hangings to go with my mountain/moon project from last fall. (I know this is technically two things rolled into one number, but they are both retreat prep!). 

Let's see how I do this month! 


Dar said...

You didn't do too badly. Made progress on all but 1 and a finish. That is good in my book. I understand the Easy St. goal, so February will be the month that we both get our tops finished. Right? Right.

Regina said...

You at least set goals - that is half the battle! :-)