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Monday, November 29, 2010

November Report

Whew! I came skidding out at the end of this month, quilting four projects in the last week of the month! It was really a pretty good month, especially considering I was sick for almost 1/4 of it and had a lot going on at work.

I spent 15 3/4 hours sewing and got this done: 
- 2 blocks and a back for a comfort quilt 
- Loaded, quilted, and bound a baby quilt
- Made a snap bag
- Cut and tied a fleece baby blanket
- Loaded and quilted a second comfort quilt
- Quilted and bound a table runner Christmas present
- Loaded and quilted a quilt for a guild-mate (it is Judy Laquidara's Morning Splash pattern - we sat next to each other in the class earlier this year, but she got hers done first)
All of the things on my list except for the last one are gifts for others, so I am lacking in pictures these days...I promise to start getting them mailed out so that I can catch up and show you what I've been doing! 

I am headed out on Wednesday for two back to back trips for work, so I will be taking along some cross-stitch. When I get back, it will be back to the HQ for me, as I have two more big quilts I want to finish before Christmas. Hope you all had a great month too! 


Ruthie said...

You really did have a busy month. Great job!

jillquilts said...

Great list! You have had another stop and a week added to your trip list since October. How exciting!

And that is great that you have had a chance to quilt a Morning Splash before getting to yours. Did you do an all over design or custom quilting?

Babs said...

Okay, so I probably have to go back through and do a more thorough reading of the actual post...I was too busy drooling over the picture of your HQ LOL! I want one so bad!! It's so pretty with that quilt hanging over it - gorgeous (quilt AND machine!)