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Friday, October 2, 2009

September Report

My sewing time in September was significantly hindered due to my work as the registrar for our guild quilt show, but I still wound up with 19.5 hours. I will also have a very busy October until the 24th due to the show. I still have one quilt to finish and 4 to label, but my pillowcases are ready and labelled and my sleeves are all on. I am really looking forward to it!

Here were my Sept goals and the progress I made against them:
- Finish the pansy miniature -- pieced, sandwiched, and stabilized. Still deciding how to quilt it.
- Label Nick's quilt, and mail the Mystery Quilt/Baby Quilt -- mystery quilt done, Nick's quilt not touched.
- Finish Suzie's quilt (which is now on my frame) and get another one loaded and done -- done, and done
- Really get going on Christmas/b-day presents -- started on the first, no pics though! 

I also did the following:
- Two fabric books - only have a picture of one
- Prepped back of my Curvalishish quilt
- Pieced my tree skirt top
- Made a new purse
- Made two blocks for Barbara
- Sewed the hanging sleeve on Jack's quilt and the labels on all the pillowcases for my items in the show.
- Tried freezer paper paper piecing for the first time and enjoyed that you don't have to rip off all the paper when you're done!

In October, I hope to:
- Quilt something else on the HQ16
- Finish everything for the quilt show
- Finish present #1, and start on #2
- Take a workshop with Debbie Bowles of Maple Island Quilts

Given the show, I think that will fill me up for the month!


Carol said...

She forgot to mention that she quilted a tree skirt for me - on the frame, quilted and off in one afternoon! Now I just have to get the binding made and on it. Thanks, Jen.


jillquilts said...

I'm sure that you will be so glad to be done with the show! It's a lot of work to organize anything big like that!