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Thursday, September 4, 2008

August Report

I completed a whopping 24.5 hours of sewing & quilting during the month of August. This was quite surprising to me, because I also spent a whopping amount of time watching the Olympics! I didn't spend much of that time in my sewing room multi-tasking, but rather spent a lot of it holding down the couch at my house or my parents house!

As mentioned in a previous post, I achieved all of my goals for the month - the first time I have done so! Woo hoo - here they are:

My high level goal statements last month seemed to work well for me, so I am going high level again! September goals include:

  • Blocks for bee and Quilting in Indiana lottery
  • Catch up with baby gifts/quilts/cross-stitch (5 to catch me up to present! And I have friends with babies due for several more months...so I need to catch up so I can keep up over the winter!)
  • Finish a quilt top...I have a couple in progress and would like to get one of them done
  • Put away all the fabric I have bought over the past two months which is now piled in stacks all over my sewing room!

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