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Monday, August 17, 2015

July 2015 Accomplishments

July was another fairly quiet month in my sewing room, which is okay with me because I spent a fair amount of time stitching this month and got through some good TV :-)

I continue to work on a few ongoing projects - so haven't recorded them as completions, but I keep moving them along one step at a time. This month, I pushed forward with my string blocks (I am doing a good job at making a few each month), my Christmas kit that was started at retreat in March, quilting UFOs, and working through kits. 

In July, I had hoped to get one of my projects done, and I got really close...but the month ended just short.  That should mean good things for August, right? 

I did get a few things done: 
- Cut more string block foundations so I am set for several months
- Made 2 string blocks in tan/cream
- Loaded and started quilting my Easy Street quilt
- Made a Santa ornament from a kit I got on a shop hop in 2005(!) - okay, I guess this counts as getting one project done!! 

I spent a total of 13 1/2 hours sewing/quilting during July, which is about the norm these days. 

I finished two stitching projects in July - one kit and one from a pattern. 

My newest kit - Give Thanks - I bought this earlier this year and it was easy to grab when headed out of town for a work trip. I finished it in four days! I love being able to stitch and listen to podcasts on the airplane. 

Baby sampler for my friend's newest - this is a Lizzie Kate pattern that my mom had and she wound up stitching it this summer too! I love the colors in this - even brighter in person - and I now need to dig out some good fabric to give it a nice fabric frame and send it to its recipient. 

I am continuing to putter my way through August and I have new quilting and stitching kits underway, so I should have more to share soon! 


Jill said...

Cute projects! I love having some hand stitching to work on while I watch tv or when I'm traveling.

Carol said...

All three projects are great, Jennifer! I've stitched the little turkey at least three times--he does work up very quickly, doesn't he? And I really like your baby sampler, too--that must have been a fun one to work on with all the bright colors and varied motifs :)