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Sunday, March 15, 2015

February 2015 Accomplishments

Here we are on the ides of March and I am just sitting down to document what I got done in February. It was a relatively slow month, because I was still enjoying a lot of couch time stitching, and then my machine tension went kaput after I sewed on a few really thick things. I would up dropping off my machine for repair in mid-Feb and asked them to hang on to it until I got back for our retreat (I leave in an hour for that).  

I wound up with 11 hours of quilting time and finished the following things: 
- Three pink string blocks (my color to play with in Feb) - I was going for dark pink, salmony pink, and light pink. 

- Coffee cup holders - another kit finished! 

Cross stitch: 
- Wintry white, snowy delight - which I also finished into a cube (thanks to the tutorial on The Twisted Stitcher)
- Reindeer ornament (still to be finished) - and another cross-stitch kit! 

I have several other things in progress, so hope to have a few more accomplishments to report in March.  I also bought a new toy in February - the Brother Scan N'Cut. The kids and I had lots of fun with it cutting out paper items, and then I took it down to the sewing room to work on cutting out some applique pieces.  I didn't have nearly the luck there, so I am taking it to retreat with me to work on it a little more and see if I can get the hang of it. 

More to come, especially after retreat this week! 

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