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Saturday, January 3, 2015

December Accomplishments

For the last month of 2014, I didn't set any goals for my quilting, and it is a good thing, because I hardly did any sewing!  I was busy at work in the beginning of the month, then sick with a nasty bug, then spent another week recovering mostly on the couch. At least I did use the couch time for some crocheting and stitching, so I will include them in my report as well. 

I had a paltry 8 1/2 hours in my sewing studio in December, and here are the few things I got done: 
- Made second teacher gift - a tote bag from my favorite one hour tote pattern. 
- Attached binding to the fraternal twin table runners and hand-stitched the binding to one of them. 
- Made two doll sleeping bags with my daughter
- Quilted one of my UFOs - and advent calendar quilt 

- Made blocks for a comfort quilt my mom and I are working on together (picture to come when the top is done)

On the couch, I finished up the following projects: 
- Pokeball hat for my son

- "If Today Were a Dress" cross stitch

- Bunny fob cross-stitch kit (I will make it an ornament rather than a fob

- London taxi cross-stitch kit (a UFO I found when digging through my stitching stuff for something else). 

Even though the month didn't turn out at all how I'd planned, I think my body needed the time for rest and recovery (although I could have done without the 6-day fever) and I am feeling recharged and renewed for the new year.  I also really enjoyed spending some dedicated time with my cross-stitch and knocking off a few projects to end out the year! 

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