2016 APQ UFO Challenge List

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quilts #16 and #18 - Fraternal Twin Table Runners

Back in March at my bee retreat, I whipped up a couple table runners - same pattern, but different fabrics - with Moda candy squares.  I added them to the lineup to quilt this month because I keep moving them around my sewing room - I didn't want to fold them up and put them away because then I'd have to add them to my UFO list :) 

Here's the first one - I went a little crazy on it! 
I wanted to work on doing some circle and some continuous curves (inside the squares), so I just went for it.  I saw tons of mistakes as I was quilting it, and I still see a lot of them after it is all done, but I am glad to have tried it.  I also did something different with the borders and did a different loopy design on each side. I think this quilting gives you lots to look at! 
On the second one, I was still thinking about some of the designs I had done on Loralei's quilt and I kept coming back to the back and forth, which I really liked the look of. 
I thought it would compliment the fence fabric and give it a more simple, modern feel. This was a fun one to quilt, and it is always nice to load a table runner and get it done quickly! 
I have another table runner on the frame now and I am looking forward to doing some fun quilting with it too! 

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