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Monday, August 18, 2014

Quilt #11 - Honky Tonk

I was glad to cross the threshold of 11 quilts in July, as that is just over the halfway mark of my goal for this year.  This one was made in a hurry so that I could take it with me to Colorado and gift it to my long time friend Kristi while there.  

It is from one of the postcard patterns and is called Seashell by Villa Rosa Designs. I made it with parts from two charm packs of Honky Tonk by Julie & Eric Comstock.  The solid cream in it is American Made Brand fabric, which was a great deal at $7 a yard.  The fabric was a little thin, but it worked well other than that.  

I got this pieced into row before we went on vacation and we arrived home on Sunday and I was leaving for Colorado on Wednesday night - thank goodness I had Monday off so that I could work on it then.  I got it all pieced Monday morning, and then located a back that would almost fit - I pieced in another piece of fabric to make it work, and than piece wound up being at the very end when I rolled it on the frame, so wasn't in the finished back. 

For the quilting, I knew I would be quicker with an all-over pattern, so I did a loops and stars pattern across the top.  About halfway across, I realized that I had used the same quilting pattern for the baby quilt I made Kristi's daughter when she was born :)  I got the binding on but not sewn down before I headed to the airport, and my flight was delayed, so I hung out and bound like crazy!  I finished the last corner about 45 minutes before we landed in Denver. 

Kristi seemed to enjoy the quilt and used it quite a bit during our weekend together due to the chilly mornings and evenings in the mountains.  I used Warm and White batting and a variegated Lava in the top and So Fine in the bobbin.  Thanks to the suggestions from Jill to adjust my bobbin winder tension, I had almost no issues with loopies pulling through the back - thanks Jill! 

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