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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Quilt #7 - Batman

Way back in the fall, I got a facebook message from one of our former childcare teachers. It included a fuzzy picture of a quilt with a Batman logo on it and she asked if I would be willing to make a similar quilt for her to give as a baby gift to one of her best friends. I shared what would go into it, quoted her a cost, and she said to go ahead. I then promptly forgot about it and went along my merry way through the holidays, the cold winter, and early signs of spring. I even went on a retreat and never thought about it. Then, one day I was cleaning up my facebook messages and found it...whoops! I wrote her back and she said the baby was due in May so there was still plenty of time.  Back around here, I started pulling fabrics and cutting squares. I used mostly fat quarters for the top, with just a little yardage coming into play for the borders and binding.  The top went together pretty quickly, and then we had to coordinate a meet up for me to get the backing and batting from her. 

I got the back made, with a little extra from the leftovers from cutting squares, and then loaded it up on the frame. I used a tan variegated King Tut on the top and a gold bottom line in the bobbin.  I did have some challenges with the thread in the beginning, and I think it was the batting. I am not sure what brand it was, but it wasn't something I would pick. You can see in the picture below that I had a few thread bobbles. I get these on most of my quilts and I am not sure if it is a tension issue, a needle issue, or a thread issue. This quilt shows them a little more than the others, because it is a mostly solid back. I hope that they won't stick out too much once the quilt has been washed and dried and crinkles up a bit. 

In the end, it worked out fine and the top quilted up nicely. I did a stipple all over it. I am glad to have this one finished and am pleased with the way it finished. It is a little more than 50" square, so should be a good size for the baby to snuggle with for many years to come. 

I had so much energy after finishing this one, I immediately loaded another quilt - come back tomorrow to read about that one. 


Regina said...

I think it turned out great - I am sure those will sink into the back once it is washed.

Anonymous said...

That is so clever! What a great pattern idea.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

It turned out nicely! I have some of those thread issues, too. I sent you an email after I had my classes with some suggestions. Maybe those will help you, too?