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Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014 Accomplishments and Four Things for May

I feel like I finally started to get my groove back during the month of April. I made time for sewing on the weekends and even during the week.  I didn't get a high volume of projects done, but I did plug along on a few that were at the top of my list this month. I had 13 1/2 hours of sewing time and here's what I got done: 
- Pieced together the blocks and added the first border for my disappearing pinwheel quilt. I also made about 20 more small pinwheels for border #2. 

- Selected and cut fabric, pieced the center, and added the border for the Batman quilt I am making on commission. (I forgot to get a good picture of it before I loaded it on the frame yesterday!)

- Pulled out a panel and added a border to make a baby quilt. I also got the back made and loaded, quilted, and attached the binding by machine. Start to finish in the month. 

Finished binding catventquiltalong top and gave it to Jenna, where it has received lots of snuggles and spends every night with her. I shared how I quilted it here

From my list of four things, I got two done - the Batman top and the baby panel, although I thought I would have them at opposite stages by the end of the month (Batman totally done and the other into a top). I did not get to my purse or quilt another UFO, but I did pull out one of my oldest UFOs and started to work on pulling a back together for it. They will both stay on my list for May. 

Here are the four things I'd like to finish in May: 
1. Finish my darn purse!!
2. Quilt a UFO
3. Finish the Batman quilt
4. Finish the disappearing pinwheel top

I also have some other small projects on my mind, so hope to get to one or two of them in May as well. 

Outside of quilting, we had a great month of trying new recipes, I got some much-needed work done in the garden, and caught a movie at home. I didn't make it to the theater this month because there really wasn't anything that caught  my interest. I also made some good progress on my long-standing cross-stitch project and hope to mark that in the finished column in May. 

Hope you're enjoying spring where you are! 

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